Forty-something 'northern lass' who's ended up in the south-east by way of university, work and marriage.

Wife to thirty-something hubby aka 'Mr Earplugs' (rather un-affectionally named by a friend of mine as he took to sleeping in the spare-room, wearing earplugs, following the birth of Nipper).

Currently a SAHM (on a 5 year 'family-friendly' career break from the Civil Service) to one year old 'Tiddler', 4 year old 'Nipper' who has Asperger's Syndrome, and 14 year old 'Miss Muffett'.

I'm 'Tilly' because that's what my family called me when I was a nipper.

And the blog name - 'Tilly Tatas'??? Well, up north we refer to a journey as 'going for a tats' or 'going a tatas'.

'Tilly Tatas' is my journey from here to where I really want to be, and everywhere in-between, in my attempt to be a 'good enough mama', a supportive wife, a mum again (achieved!), a gardener, a genealogist, a crafter, and at some point the custodian of a little piece of heaven with chickens, solar panels, a wind turbine and enough produce so I never have to go near a supermarket again!

'Non-neurotypical Nipper' is my new blog which was started in June 2010 as a result of discovering that Nipper had Asperger's Syndrome.

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