Tuesday, 26 August 2008

A Lovely Few Days Away

We had a lovely few days away in rural Suffolk. The weather was very kind to us and it only rained while we were asleep or doing 'indoors' things.

This was the view from the patio of our rented cottage (a small converted barn):

We went here:

And saw this:
Then had a day here:

Nipper getting into the spirit of things:

Miss Muffett is mad for a bit of body-boarding:

Nipper had his eye on this fabulous fortress built by some other children:

I don't think they would have appreciated the 'help' of an enthusiastic 2 year old!

We had a great few days. I'm left with a stark reminder of what it would be like to move house again since this is what was needed for a mere 5 days away!

P.S. Check out the difference in the size of the suitcases - mine is the large blue one and Mr Earplugs had the miniscule one buried under the body-board. No such thing as travelling light in my book - lol!



  1. Lovely pictures. The beach looks gorgeous too, where is that?

  2. Looks like you all did have a great time. That picture of the mask is cool...it looks old yet the style of the mask seems so modern. There is nothing worse than unpacking after a holiday; ugh! It is my most hated task. There is always too much stuff, laundry needs to be done...it never seems to be over!

  3. I do like to travel light but i also like to be prepared to anything unexpected so we always have tons of bags... What a beautiful view from the cottage!!

    About the fabric thing, great idea the dark brown fabric!! You made think of suede... Don't ask me why...

  4. The beach photo was taken at Southwold - a lovely place to visit.

    The helmet and 'hill' photo's were taken at Sutton Hoo, thought to be the burial site of the 7th century King Raedwald. I have a thing for the Dark Ages and Medieaval periods in history so I'm forever dragging everyone off to a burial site or wandering around a castle!

  5. My husband wants to see Sutton Hoo next time we visit home. That mask used to be on the front of my history textbook.

  6. Looks lovely, indeed! It's so nice to have a cottage, isn't it? We're heading off to ours this weekend to get a few last bits of summer in before school starts!

  7. Lovely view - looks like a very restful holiday. Except, of course, for the packing business.

  8. Thank you for stopping by, looks like you has a smashing time away!

  9. Hello! Lovely pictures...ah the beach.


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