Saturday, 2 August 2008

Today Started Off Rather Badly

Due to my inability to sleep (and not drinking enough water according to Mr Earplugs) I woke up with a bad headache. One worthy of a night on the tiles (chance would be a fine thing!) This was compounded by the delivery of a lorry load of pre-mixed concrete next door. At 8:30am on a Saturday, groan. Mr Earplugs had set off at the crack of dawn to get the car to the garage for an exhaust repair but then rang to say they couldn't do it so the car's going to sound like a tractor for a while longer. Nipper was desperately trying to get his stroller through the stairgate and having a major strop over it. I figured I'd give him a hand so I could get a bit of peace, and I was curious as to why? Our final destination? The kitchen.... where he promptly climbed into the stroller and stood up to get access to the counter top!
Rather ingenious but also rather dangerous and I sooooo wasn't going to let him do it. Cue meltdown! And all before I'd had a cup of tea!



  1. Pretty smart of him! But there's nothing worse than a meltdown or tantrum right out of the gate. My youngest tends to do this a lot lately. My eyes can barely focus and he's screaming at me - and I'm not even sure why!

  2. Oh I hear you! Miss 4 had a tanty this morning because I wouldn't let her use her brother's potty for a dolly's toilet...erm, yucky, right? Apparently it WAS the end of the world....
    After a good 10 Oscar worthy mins I poked my head round the door and asked if she had cried enough. She meekly nodded her head.
    'Did I change my mind?' I asked...she shook her head. "See, all that fussing and carrying on is a complete waste of time, wouldn't you agree?'
    'Yes mummy, sorry mummy' she said- like butter wouldn't melt in her mouth!


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