Wednesday, 21 January 2009

It Never Rains But It Pours!

I'm having a much longer blogging break than I intended!

I had the nice quiet Christmas that I wanted, albeit at the expense of having the flu. That left me with a cough which has turned into a nasty chest infection and pleurisy in my right lung. I have a cough worthy of smoking 100 fags a day (I don't smoke any!) and I feel like I've got a knife through my ribs. The doctor has me on double strength antibiotics and those pain pills that send you a bit funny in the head - not ideal since hubby is in Spain with work and there's only me to look after the kids!

I'll be back in a couple of weeks when I can breathe again!



  1. I'm so sorry you are so poorly.....hope you hget well soon!xxxx

  2. Get well soon Tilly XX

    Lots of hot honey and lemon and keep warm
    See you again soon


  3. Oh no, you poor, poor thing.
    Hope you're feeling loads better soon.

  4. Oh Tilly! Bless you! I've been wondering where you've been. Sounds nasty.

  5. Tilly I have had trouble with my lungs since July or August, nothing like your troubles, I am so sorry. And I have had experience with those kinds of antibiotics, I thought coffee on top of them made me a loony, well, it seemed to help when I didn't drink it. I haven't drunk it since except when out.

    I am assuming if I had pleurisy the doctor would have picked it up. My original problem came back after a break where I was well I think, so I had my second antibiotics, I seemed to have sore tops of my teeth which could bee sinus, not sure. So take it easy if you can. It is scary and my asthma that came later is better but not completely gone. I do a little work, more than I was doing.

    I hope you feel better each day.

  6. Yuck! Sounds really nasty so hope that you'll feel much better soon and back to 'normal' - what ever that might be ...

  7. Yuck! Sounds really nasty. Hope you'll soon be feeling better and back to 'normal' what ever that might be ....

  8. Oh Poor you, that sounds awful. Have a good rest and hope you feel better soon X

  9. Oh my my! Poor you Tilly - have a big (((hug))). I had Pleurisy when I was pregnant with No.1, and I've had it 5 times in total, so I know just how you feel. The antibiotics are horrible, but necessary. I always find the old fashioned remedy of inhaling steam helps too.

    I hope you feel much, much better soon.

    Take care of yourself. x

  10. Oh gosh, sorry you are feeling so crappy.
    Mike's Nonna (95) in Italy used to have a hideous cough too. She was a teeny tiny thing who crept silently and slowly about the house only to come up behind you and let out a gigantic hacking cough that would scare the bejesus out of you, then creep away again.

    Pleurisy hey? That sounds nasty. Are you allowed a restorative brandy to help you through the night?

  11. Take care of yourself girl - blogland will always be around when you are feeling better!

  12. I hope that you get well soon. I hope that the kids are taking it easy on you.

  13. Hope you are feeling better soon, Tilly!!

  14. Hello me again....just saying hi!xxx


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