Thursday, 9 July 2009

The Best, and Worst, of Weekends

The Worst:

- Travelling to a wedding on Friday afternoon and getting stuck in a traffic jam among the M25 roadworks.
- Whilst stuck in the jam - Tiddler screaming for a feed, Nipper screaming because Tiddler has woken him up, and me feeling like my head is going to pop!
- Having nothing to wear to the wedding due to 'post-birth-fat-tummy'!
- Being crippled by my new shoes (big blisters), then hearing a loud 'crack' when I stubbed my toe on the leg of Miss Muffett's bed. Said toe swelled up and went purple and now I can't get any shoes on at all!
- Being up all night following the wedding with suspected food poisoning. I was as sick as a dog and Mr Earplugs was even sicker. I can't blame an excess of alcohol as we didn't have any aside from the 'toast'. Trying to breastfeed whilst holding a bucket in case you are sick is quite a challenge! I don't know how we managed the drive home.

The Best:

- Attending the wedding of our good friends. They have been together a bit longer than me and Mr Earplugs, and he introduced them to each other, so it was lovely to see them finally get hitched.

- Catching up with all of Mr Earplugs Uni friends. We've created our own mini population explosion - 9 kids between us so far and not everyone has had kiddies yet.
- Managing a quick salsa at the wedding disco before deciding it perhaps wasn't the best thing to be doing just 3 weeks after my c-section!

- Discovering that in spite of the 'baby belly' I'm back to my pre-pregnancy weight :o)
- Tiddler finally deciding that he likes to have a bath!

(Tiddler isn't such a tiddler anymore. He's put on nearly 3lbs since he was born so perhaps I should call him 'Guzzler' instead).



  1. Tilly - that weekend sounds as horrible as one could have! The boy is beautiful! Salsa, indeed:)

  2. Many many congratulations on the birth of 'Tiddler', I am so happy for you, he is adorable :)


  3. You poor poor thing! Can't fit into sexy shoes! But, you are so lucky to be mommy to the cutest, most beautiful baby boy. Tee hee!! I hope you are doing well and life is really good. Kudos on being pre-preggo weight - the tummy will disappear soon too.

  4. Fancy shoes are worth all that agony, and you were very brave to travel to a wedding! Your little one is thriving, and that's all that matters, really. To an easier weekend soon!

  5. Your posts always make me laugh!!! Back to your prepregnancy weigh already? I'm still trying to get back to mine two and a half years later... Your baby guy is so adorable! Enjoying all the new baby photos!!!

  6. Great post, it sounds like a challenging time :)
    Love the picture of Tiddler in the bath, well done on your weight .... 3 weeks is not long :)


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