Sunday, 4 October 2009

And The Winner Is.......

Thank you to everyone who left comments for my giveaway. Apologies that I'm a bit late with it - I've been a wee bit under the weather and Tiddler has changed from a quiet, sleep loving chap into one who has found his voice and refuses to nap. I haven't managed to get anywhere near the computer in ages!

I decided to use my 'cat and kitten' bowl for the names for the giveaway. I love this bowl and usually put my keys in it - otherwise I forget where I've left them.

The winner is Suzan from Scrub Oak - the package will be on it's way across the Atlantic very shortly!

P.S. Many thanks to everyone who wished me 'Happy Birthday' (or 'Hefty Birfday' as Nipper calls it), both here and on Facebook. I got some lovely presents - a copy of Sewing In No Time and a copy of Mason-Dixon Knitting, flowers, a large box of chocolates from Hotel Chocolat, a small box of Thornton's continental selection, a digital photo frame, a music thingy like an ipod shuffle but another brand, and a fab gadget that you attach to your wheelie bin to squash your rubbish down and therefore avoid being fined by the Council for having the lid open (I kid you not - I know someone who was fined!) - Mr Earplugs excels at finding 'useful' presents!



  1. Well done that lady!

    Hiya tilly.....lovely to have you back, What great pressies, i like the sound of the bin!xxx

  2. Congrats to Suzan! Nice to see you here again! Suzie. x


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