Sunday, 10 January 2010

I Wasn't Going To Talk About The Snow..........

Especially as whole swathes of the country have it far worse than we do, not to mention other parts of the world.

But it really has been exceptional - nothing like it in the last 40 years in our area. I even had to dig the car out!

It reminds me very much of when I was a teenager back in Lancashire, trudging to school through snow which was as high as my welly boots.

No school closures for us back then. Miss Muffett has been at home most of the week, Nipper's nursery is closed and Mr Earplugs has been working from home. They are driving me nuts and I can't wait for a return to normal so I can enjoy nice quiet mornings with Tiddler again.

They have had lots of fun in the snow though. Miss Muffett has a sore bum from sledging down the hill on a biscuit tin lid and Nipper and Mr Earplugs were attempting to build an igloo. As fast as Mr Earplugs was building it Nipper was coming along and trashing it!

Just look at my poor Lilac though.

It had reached 'tree' proportions but the snow bent it double and it has snapped. On seeing this I got out there with a big stick and bashed all the snow off my Damson, the curly Willow and the Apple as I don't want to lose them too.

I hope it clears up soon - I've got a new shed coming and I really don't fancy trying to put it up in these conditions!



  1. oh your poor Lilac :(
    I love the snow :)

  2. Wow! looks like you really got dumped on! hope snow play continues to be fun play!

  3. I want it all to go away. Ours has more or less become an ice rink, my knees hurt.

    Happy new year.

  4. Snow is hard in a country that typically does not get a dump on a regular basis. I admit here we have a chuckle as snow is so much a part of our life. But then again, if we had like 43C heat, we would die. Most of us here don't have air con.

  5. Oh, I'm so jealous! I wish it would snow and snow here and that school would be closed for a week. That would be so wonderful! Too bad we hardly ever get snow and when we do, it barely sticks. And I'm so sorry about your tree. Lilacs are beautiful!

  6. Beautiful snow. I live in Washington State, U.S. and we usually get lots of snow. Last year... record amounts. This year, hardly any and I am finding myself missing it.Nice blog!


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