Thursday, 10 June 2010

I'd Better Get A Shift On!

I was leafing through the calendar, trying to find a date when we can meet up with a friend so all the kids can play together, when it suddenly struck me that it's nearly Tiddlers birthday. It's not so much that I'd forgotten, just that I hadn't realised we were quite so far through the year!

I'm supposed to be making Tiddler and Nipper a quilt each for their birthdays so I'd better get a shift on as my Mum would say. Mr Earplugs is going to be on serious kiddie watching duty so I can get Tiddlers quilt finished by Saturday. Here's a peek at the fabric:

It shouldn't take too long as the front is a printed panel so no need for patchwork - just quilting and binding.

It'll be good to do some sewing as things are rather stagnant on the knitting front. I'm part way through Miss Muffett's poncho but it's not going too well. The pattern is great and the Debbie Bliss cotton is yummy but the two don't seem to go together somehow. Miss Muffett is quite happy with it so I'll plough on and we'll see how it turns out.

I do have a couple of finished items on the knitting front. Tiddler's First Cardy was finished in April ready for his Grandparent's 40th wedding celebrations but it was very hot on the day and he didn't wear it! I first tried the pattern (Baby Sophisticate) back in November but it soon became clear that Tiddler was growing faster than I could knit so I gave up on it. Luckily I found a modified pattern on Ravelry to fit a 12 - 18 month old and it's perfect.

It was my first attempt at using circular needles and I couldn't get my head around how that would work until I had a go and then it all made sense. It was also the first time I'd used markers and I have to say I hate the split ring markers. They really get in the way and they're ugly too! That was a great 'excuse' to buy some nice beaded stitch markers instead. They were much better.

My second item was my Lost and Found Shawl (Gaia Shoulder Hug) so called because the Royal Mail lost my yarn order and then it mysteriously reappeared 3 weeks later.

I really don't like Noro yarn - well the two I've used so far. But for some reason it's kind of grabbed me. The Kureyon sock yarn was really twisted up and it's very rough. Luckily no knots this time. I don't know if I'll ever wear the shawl but I love it nontheless, and I've got another ball of Kureyon sock yarn and I know I'll be making another shawl with it!

Anyway, off to the sewing machine!



  1. Hello there stranger! Yes I have finally turned on my pc. Gosh I have missed out on lots. Tiddlers cardy is just gorgeous. And I love the shawl - was that easy to knit? I am a bit of a knitting novice and have only just learned to knit in the round. Which as it turn out is pretty simple,once you work out how to hold all four needles. Good luck with the quilts!

  2. Wow, you are a busy gal. Beautiful little cardy and circular needles are the best. I wont knit anything that I have to piece anymore. Hope you are having a lovely summer...I think mine is just starting.


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