Monday, 12 July 2010

Nipper Goes To A and E (Again!)

No, I haven't re-published my previous post by accident. We really have been to A & E again. It seem's to be our Monday afternoon activity of choice!

I don't know how but Nipper managed to get his finger stuck in a piece of Thomas the Tank Engine track. I took a photo (bad mother that I am - lol!)

At first I thought he was just messing about and told him to wait until I had finished feeding Tiddler. Fifteen minutes later and he was still stuck and I realised that it was quite serious. There was no way that the track was coming off without a battle. I tried rubbing in washing up liquid but there wasn't any space between his finger and the track for the liquid to get in. I tried olive oil next. No good. I then stuck his hand in a bag of frozen peas to see if that would 'shrink' his skin down just a little but that didn't work either.

So I called the Fire Brigade! Not a 999 call I hasten to add. I called the local station to see if they could advise me - especially as Mr Earplugs had told me to go at it with a hacksaw! They told me to take him to A & E and if they couldn't get it off then the Fire Brigade would have a go. Oh no, not another afternoon at the hospital!

This time I called Mr Earplugs and told him to meet me at the hospital so I wouldn't have to suffer 3 hours of rocket and dinosaur impressions from Nipper, followed by tuts and glares from the other patients, all on my own. I also made a sandwich and grabbed some fruit and toys and books ready for the long haul. When we got to the waiting room I sat us all in the corner by the vending machine figuring that Nipper would be occupied for a while by the mystery of the coffee making machine and by trying to get me to buy him some sweets!

We were doing quite well then Nipper excelled himself by loudly referring to the woman sitting next to us as a 'man'. I explained that he gets his men/women and he/she words mixed up and she was a very girly looking woman so I don't think she was too offended.

We hadn't been there very long when we were called in to see the consultant. Nipper had been stuck in the track for about one and a half hours by now and I was a bit worried about the circulation in his finger and I guess they were too. The doctor tried soap to start but soon gave up when I ran through what we'd already done. Then he had the idea of trying the saw that they use to remove plaster casts. The machine looks and sounds like a big hoover so Nipper was quite happy (he LOVES the hoover).

It took a while but the doctor eventually sawed through the track twice to take out a 'v' shaped piece of wood (like when you fell a tree). He was then able to press on the end of the track and the remaining wood cracked and Nipper was free. The doctor said it was the most unusual train related injury he'd ever seen!

I don't think Thomas will be able to trundle along on this bit of track anymore but we'll keep it as a reminder of things not to do with train tracks! I'm now wondering what's going to happen next Monday and hoping we won't be making it three in a row!



  1. Oh goodness!

    I am pleased you are sorted, though.


  2. Thank you for your comment over on my blog. Had to come and see who you were!

    You have a great blog yourself and are FAR too talented in the craft dept for my liking!

    Jealous...? Moi...? Just a bit! :0o

  3. Oh no! Glad it was all sorted fairly easily and that Nipper hasn't seemed to mind his hospital visits!


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