Wednesday, 13 October 2010

The Gallery: A Favourite Photo

This week's Gallery subject is 'A Favourite Photo'.

I'm going to cheat on this one as I have many favourites but three in  particular.

Nipper wasn't best pleased when I went off to hospital and came back home with Tiddler. This was the first time he paid Tiddler any proper attention (aside from telling him to 'be quiet' whenever he cried!).

This was taken at our wedding in January 2008. Mr Earplugs is giving me 'The Look'. I get this look whenever I do something that I shouldn't - like buy yet another skein of sock yarn to add to my ever increasing stash, or buy a pair of shoes that I don't necessarily need!

This is a rare photo of me and my Dad. Since my Dad was usually the one behind the camera there are very few photos of him with any of the family. I think it was taken in Blackpool when I was around 3 years old. I don't have any photo manipulation software but I'm thinking perhaps I should get some so I can rejuvenate this photo before it disintegrates completely.



  1. Awesome photos - I love them all!

  2. Three fantastic pictures!

    I know that many photographic shops like Boots and Snappy Snaps can sometimes fix old photos

  3. Love the photos - especially the one with your dad XX Think there are lots of free photo software downloads - i wouldnt buy one - just google it.

  4. Lovely photos, I love the top one, Nippers gorgeous eyes fixed on Tiddler!

  5. What lovely photos! That first one is so sweet!

  6. All three are lovely :)
    Such a beautiful wedding shot but then I do lobe b&w photos! The one of you and your Dad must be highly treasured due to it's condition!
    But my favourite is the first one :)

  7. lovely pics, first one is very cute :)

  8. Oh all three are wonderful, in very different ways. Lovely xx


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