Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Roxanne Clue 2 and a Moebius Cast-on

I've finished Clue 2 of my mystery shawl and I'm now partway through Clue 3. After all my stressing about cables they turned out to be a doddle in the end.

The same can't be said for my 'between clues' project. I'd finished Clue 2 but hadn't yet received Clue 3 so was feeling a bit twitchy and needed something new to knit (no idea why I couldn't have finished one of my other wips!).

I found this pattern for a felted bowl with a moebius edge and decided to have a go with my favourite 'love to hate' yarn (Noro!). After attempting, and finally managing, a moebius cast-on I will never stress about a new knitting challenge ever again! I appeared to be knitting from the inside of the moebius loop outwards and was sure that I was doing something wrong - but apparantly not! The turquoise yarn in the centre is where I cast on.

I just kept knitting in the hope that all would be revealed and it was! I just need to stitch the bowl and the edge together and then felt it. Very exciting!



  1. Rather you than me with the moebius cast on!

  2. Hi Tilly, thanks for visiting! I did think about sanding, but the stain is so deep. I probably will do a some stage when i have time. :-) Sanding is definitely one of my least favourite things!


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