Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Ta Da - My Roxanne Mystery Shawl!

My Roxanne Mystery Shawl is finished!

Here she is with a couple of detailed photo's too:

I used Abstract Cat's 100% Bluefaced Leicester Sock Yarn in colourway 'Soiree'. I started on 4mm needles but didn't like how it was looking so started over again on 3.75mm needles instead.

There were quite a few errors in the pattern but other KAL-ers had discovered these before I got that far into the pattern so they didn't cause me any problems.

Two new techniques for me with this pattern: a garter tab cast on and cables, both of which are easy if you look them up on You Tube first!

I do like mystery knits! I think I might try a mystery sock knitalong next.



  1. It's gorgeous!

    ...I can't post using google - Affectioknit

  2. Oh that's gorgeous, you clever girl. Really beautiful, and a great colour choice. I'm impressed!

  3. That is beautiful, the colour is lovely & against the blue sky looks fab. Very clever x

  4. Haven't been here for awhile. Gorgeous, gorgeous!! Good work!


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