Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Happy Hallowe'en

Tiddler's nursery had a 'witches and wizards day' to celebrate Hallowe'en. I usually forget about dress-up days but I was determined to remember this time and to produce a costume.

I bought a 'ghoul robe' from Clinton's which I had to chop about a bit to make fit. The cape started off as a cobweb scarf from the 99p store and I used the chopped off bits from the robe to make thecollar/ties. I found a cheap dress in the 99p store which had a multicoloured cobweb patterned skirt so I chopped this up and stitched the cobwebs onto the robe and the hat.

I'm quite pleased at how it turned out but I'm hoping it'll last for a few years so I don't have to go to all that effort again for a while!

Edited to add: This post should have been published on 31st Oct but Blogger ate it and I had to re do it so perhaps it should now be entitled 'Happy 1st November' instead).


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