Friday, 1 August 2008

I'm So Annoyed With Myself This Morning!

I was having a lovely lie-in. Mr Earplugs had gone off to work without waking me and Nipper was sleeping for England. Miss Muffett is on holiday with her Dad and, with it being the school holidays, any semblance of routine has disappeared till September.
I woke suddenly to a strange 'rumbling' sound. I pondered on this whilst visiting the 'powder room' and suddenly realised that...oh was recycling day! The noise was the council recycling lorry. I had completely forgotten that it was Friday.
Now normally it wouldn't matter as, unlike the waste bin where you're only allowed one bin full, they will take away as much recycling as you can throw at them. But today is also green waste day and, due to a killer session in the jungle which is my back garden, the green bin is chokka. I've been working really hard to clear the garden - so much ivy everywhere - and it's so difficult getting rid of the waste (my compost bins are full - now there's another problem!)
I dashed to the window and sure enough the lorry was already rumbling along my section of the street. I figured I might just be able to throw on some clothes, grab some shoes, find the back door and the side gate keys and get the bin across the garden, down the side alley, across the front garden, down the drive and onto the pavement. Two hopes! Got to the shoe rack shoes! And all was lost anyway as very few people had green bins out today so the lorry was at my house before I even got to the back door!


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