Thursday, 31 July 2008

Introducing Tykes!

Thought I'd introduce you to one of the family ( a colleague of mine used to say "cats are people too").

He's a total moggie - no pedigrees of any sort in this household! He has a couple of years on Miss Muffett so is getting on some. He really doesn't get as much attention as he should these days but he seems to have taken on board the acquisition of a husband and two children quite well. Having said that he does get rather too much attention from Nipper at times!

I'm pretty much down the pecking order in his life though. He only comes to me when he wants to be fed. He loves sneaking upstairs and hiding under Miss Muffett's desk but his absolute favourite place is snuggling up with Mr Earplugs. Me too!

Edited to add: This is my 'Air Your Archives' post for 21st November 2010 - subject 'a post you'd like to have more comments on'. I chose this post as I wrote it when I first started blogging and so it didn't get any comments at all.  Tykes is an old moggie (16) and has been a bit of a poorly puss recently and no longer looks quite as perky as in this photo!



  1. Hi visiting from Jen's blog gems. Looks like you really love your cats. Can't say I am a cat person myself, but I undertsand the love you can have for a pet.

    Mich x

  2. Sorry to hear he is poorly, that is a lovely photo. Jen


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