Monday, 22 September 2008

Birthday Girl!

This weekend has been just the best. We went for another lovely walk on Saturday and this time I remembered to take the camera so will be able to do a post about it later!

Sunday was my birthday. 21 again! I remember, when I was little, thinking about how old I would be in the year 2000. At that point 34 seemed ancient. I'm well past 34 now and don't really feel much different than when I was 21. How time flies.

We drove to my parents-in-law to drop off the kids so that we could have a child-free birthday lunch. This is the first time that me and Mr Earplugs have had any time on our own since Nipper was born (over 2 years ago). We didn't even have a child-free wedding night when we got hitched in January! We had a lovely lunch here and then went for a little country drive. I wanted to make the most of our precious time together as it probably won't happen again for another two years or so!

The 'birthday fairy' was very good to me and I got the top three books on my wishlist. I'm looking forward to getting some ideas for keeping Nipper entertained from Soule Mama and some inspiration on the sewing front from Angry Chicken. Best of all I can feed my new found sock addiction, and thank you Mum for your kind contribution to the sock yarn fund!

In addition I got a binder from my m-i-l for all those recipe clippings which festoon my kitchen bookshelf, a book from my s-i-l with lots of ideas for re-using and recycling, and a kitty calendar which had Miss Muffett squealing with delight (I think that will be disappearing into her bedroom!).

But the nicest thing of all was Miss Muffett's birthday cupcake. She made it at her Dad's on the Saturday and had been trying to hide it without squashing it in her bag.

I can't show a photo of the big birthday cake as that did get squashed when Mr Earplugs' neice accidently sat on it - thank goodness it was wrapped in cling-film at the time!



  1. Happy Birthday! It sounds like you had a busy weekend. I have to say the books look wonderful! Have you read them yet?
    But the cupcake takes the biscuit. That's better than any book, in my mind!
    And happy 21st (again!)

  2. love the socks below!

    and happy birthday! mine is on the 24th, so very close!

  3. Happy Birthday Tilly! Looks like you've been spoiled rotten! And we're all young at heart aren't we? Just the body that shows the signs of age...!!
    D x

  4. Oh happy birthday for sunday......glad you had a lovely day!!!xxx

  5. Happy birthday! It sounds like you had a wonderful day :)

    And I am soooo envious of that cute recipe binder! I need one of those myself.

  6. I have the scented candle on again....its cheering me up....also just remebered a fabric lady i like so been looking at her

  7. Oh is he ok......?
    Bless him!
    Scoffing seeds n nuts.....might cheer me up.....they are the "you are what you eat" range based on that program that was on....very tasty!xxxxx

  8. That Waste-not want not book looks great! I also did not know the the Angry Chicken had a book. Enjoy your new books and Happy Birthday!

  9. I think it looks great too!

    Happy Birthday! So glad you had a great day.

  10. Hi tilly just read your msg regarding nursery care....thank goodness you did some other visits...thats exactly the kind of thing i'm talking about....what make me cross is the fact that children are treated in most places like cattle....the staff just plough thru the day...getting it done...that is not the kind of thing i want to be party to....i think that sometimes the staff forget that the children and parents are paying customers and should be treated with the highest respect and care.....

    Glad your not sending nipper there....!!xxxxxx

  11. Happy Birthday...from a fellow Virgo girl.
    I have so many blog friends who also share this star sign, unbelievable really.
    Heres to many more!
    Carol x

  12. Belated birthday greetings, Tilly. Sounds like you had a lovely day and some great pressies, hope I'm as lucky in a couple of weeks :)

  13. Hullo, just thought Id drop in and return the comment and look! You've just had a birthday too, happy belated birthday! Your blog name made me smile, when I was a small person, going out was also 'going tatas' for me - ahh brought back memories. I shall pop again if you dont mind :o) x


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