Friday, 19 September 2008

Ta Da! The Socks Are Finished!

Actually, I finished them on Wednesday but figured you might want to see something other than socks for a change. I wouldn't want you to think I ate, slept and breathed socks!

I'm really pleased with how they turned out. Isn't self-patterning wool amazing. They are a bit loose and as I'm used to wearing cotton socks they felt strange. They are very toasty and warm. I always have cold feet and so have decided to wear these as a sort of 'over sock' on top of my thin cotton socks.

I really don't know why I thought they would be scarey to knit. It took a bit of practice getting used to working with 5 needles. My first sock knitted up inside out so I fiddled around with my needle arrangement and got the next one the right way round - much easier for seeing what's happening with your stitches. I even managed to follow the instructions for Kitchener stitch to graft the toe.

This was a fairly simple sock pattern given to me by the resident knitting lady in our local John Lewis store. I have seen a couple of other patterns and they seem unnecessarily complicated in their instructions. I have a Regia sock yarn pattern and it's like a foreign language (and I'm usually quite good at those!).

So, to anyone thinking they can't knit socks, just jump in and have a go. Get yourself a good simple pattern (happy to post mine out to anyone who wants it - just email me). Basic sock yarn isn't too expensive so it won't break the bank if it all goes wrong, which it won't, as you can ask for help on any knitting forum.

It's my birthday on Sunday and I'm hoping to get a copy of Easy Knitted Socks - see, addicted already :o)

PS. I used 2x 50g balls of Regia Jacquard Color sock yarn (75% new wool/25% polymide) on 5x 2.5mm dpns.



  1. Hi Tilly, thanks for visiting my blog all the way in Africa ! I love your socks, I think they are bright & cheerful !
    Bye for now
    Lynda, Kilimanjaro, East Africa

  2. I saw these socks in my reader today in a rush, I don't think I knew they were yours. They are really beautiful.

  3. Cool socks! I love the idea of knitting socks... but not the practice. Still, I have to say, the self patterning yarn does look good, I may be tempted (I have 5 needles doing nothing.... )

  4. Good work, Tilly! You've done them just right. Wool socks - nothing better to warm you up.

  5. WOW, WOW! Tilly congratulations those are great. I love the pattern the Regia formed (I love that yarn). Your post totally cheered me up. I have had the WORST week ever at work and did not get a single stitch knitted - of anything. So to see your socks completed really makes me happy. Are you totally hooked now?

  6. Hi Tilly,

    This is my first visit here - I love the socks.

  7. Hi Tilly
    Thanks for the post - Now don't be telling everyone that sock knitting is easy - I have a large following of people in awe of my socks. I just finished some last night which I made with Noro - I wouldn't recommend it - the wool is fine and I dont think that they will last five mins - I am just about to put a picture of them on the blog. I got all my wool from germany where they have hundreds of designs and the wool is much cheaper. My aim is for every member of the family to have one pair for every day - so better get on with pete's.
    OOH a tip as a rather rotund nothern lass the rib round the top/ankles are often tight so I cast on two knit two pearl on my thumb using two needles to make sure there is plenty of room. I made Pete two pairs which he ruined by pulling too hard around the rib at the top. Anyway drop in again. Every blessing Helen

  8. Wow, I can't knit at all, well just a very basic lumpy uneven plain stitch! To knit with four needles yipes that would be so beyond me. I love your socks what great wool. Happy Knitting. Jane, Cornwall.

  9. Great socks, Tilly. I started some last night for my b-i-l, but they're looking a bit small, may have to frog them and start again.

  10. Great socks. Hope you have a great birthday

  11. Just catching up after 3 days away!!!
    loving the socks!xxxx

  12. I have secretly been terrified of trying to knit socks. They seem so complex. But seeing your finished pair gives me hope! Lovely colours :)

  13. Tilly, happy birthday for today! Thanks for visiting my blog, too. I'm soooooimpressed with your socks. I'm just trying to master knitting on dpns. Except I haven't mastered it yet! Hope you've had a great day.
    Diana x

  14. Wow great socks, you're so clever to knit like that! Hope you had a good birthday.

  15. Great socks! The patterned wool does look good, I'll have to give it a go some day.

    I knit all my socks inside out. For some reason, I find it much easier than right way around. I just turn them right way for knitting the toes when the time comes.

  16. Gorgeous socks. I'm looking for a sock pattern for size 5 - 8, double knitting wool.

    Can find free ones with wool orders, but I've seen some lovely locally spun double knitting wool in town which I want to use....


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