Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Not-So-Scrummy Mummy

When I told my best friend Pete that I was expecting Nipper his comment was "you going to be one of those scrummy mummies then?" My reply was "not-so-scrummy more like". I'm not really one for getting all titivated up unless there's a good reason for it. There's no point in putting on a face full of slap, a silk frock and a pair of stilletto's when you're going to be digging up weeds or chasing a toddler. When I got married earlier this year two seperate male friends made comments along the 'you brush up well' lines. I guess I generally look a bit dire and it's a shock to the system when I put in some effort!

If you drop in on me you'll likely find me looking like this:

Though when the occasion demands it I can look like this:

The same attitude applies to my house-keeping skills really. I can cook but I'm no Nigella, and I've got nothing on Flylady! So long as the house is reasonably clean and there's food in the fridge I try to 'not sweat the small stuff' too much (unless the in-laws are imminent!). If you call in on me unexpectedly you'll find a mountain of ironing, toys everywhere and dust-bunnies around the place. But then, as we all know, there's more to life than housework!

However, perhaps I'm over-estimating my house-keeping worth. I've just come across the 1930's Marital Scale over at 'A Thrifty Mrs'. Check out my score on my side-bar. It would seem I'm beyond redemption - lol!



  1. Check you out...looking all lovely n! for the combats...thats my uniform all week......and apinny.... to wipe my hands on otherwise i end up with all kinds of stuff on me!!! this morning my littlest charges weetabix......think she was trying to share with me......oh and i have spag bol sauce in the side of my hair...actually went to my interview like banana!!!

  2. Tilly - I looked at that test and would have failed it, too.

  3. hey, are those shoes from landsend? lol i've the same pair! (or at least similar ones!

  4. The gown is gorgeous! I actually scored a 78 on the test. Go figure. I didn't think I was answering very favorably some of the time.

  5. Just been looking the tooth yukkky!!
    Dentist are the pits!
    .....and it cost so much!! eekkkkk!!
    Poor you..xxxx

  6. What's it like to have no head, then? :-p

    I can remember when No.2 was at nursery, actually thinking to myself 'right, there's no excuse to dress like this anymore: I don't have to crawl around on the floor quite as much' ... so I smartened up a bit. Not much, just a bit.


  7. You sound just like me: my house is often full of dust and mess!

  8. Hi, just found your blog. It's a great read xx


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