Wednesday, 1 October 2008

An Award, A Tag and Some General Stuff

Apparently it's 'National Old Folks Day' today (or something like that). That's quite fitting as I was up till the early hours of this morning helping my Dad with some computer issues. He's nearly 70 and recently got himself all 'internetted up' and is doing his best to get up to speed, bless him. When you consider that he lives 200+ miles away, and the discussion was going on via instant messaging, well, I guess you get the picture!

When I finally got to bed I couldn't sleep at all. Since Mr Earplugs is away I've got that 'I'm home alone so there must be a monster under the bed' thing happening! It wasn't helped by the fact that we got a leaflet from the local police saying that there were a number of burglars operating in the area. Great - not just the one burglar then? Then Nipper got up, screaming fit to wake the dead. By the time I'd settled him it was 2:30am. On top of all that I was woken at 5:30am by Mr Earplugs alarm clock. If he'd been in the bed next to me I'd have wrung his neck. I'm going to need a lot of tea today I think!

Any road, (as we say up north) last week I had a 'bad trip' here:

And was told I needed one of these:

Sadly mine won't be all sparkly and jewel encrusted! For the princely sum of nearly £200 I can have one on the NHS but the dentist openly admitted I'll likely look like this:

Well, not quite, but he did say that I'd get a better one, and have more time allocated for the work, if I had it done privately. So that'll be £400 thanks very much! Blimey, I think I need a lie-down!

Anyway, the lovely Mel Mel has given me an award and I'm chuffed to bits!

I've also been tagged by Sarah but as I did a similar meme a short while ago I won't make you suffer any more 'random' facts about me. So, now I need to choose people (supposedly seven) for the tag and the difficult. I don't have a huge bloglist and I like all of them for different reasons. Some people have already had this award and done a similar meme. So bearing this in mind the award goes to:

The Diary of a Domestic Competent
Kitty's Bloggy Bits
Remote Treechanger
Notes From My Days
Acorn Collective
Such Things
UK Lass in US

and the tag goes to:

Raining Sheep
Scrub Oak
The Diary of a Domestic Competent
Such Things
Green Jello
Acorn Collective
BeaDangles Jewellery

Hope you'll all join in (but don't feel obliged)!

P.S. All photos from Google.



  1. Hello!
    Ouch..about the more ways than one!
    Love the pictures that you told the tale with!
    Your very you deserve the award!

  2. oh poor you and the dentist - they are not happy places to be !!

    thanks for my award i shall put it somewhere special :-)
    Lesley x

  3. What a funny way to tell us about your dentist LoL :)
    Thanks for your comment... It really makes me feel better to know I'm not alone in this :)

  4. Congrats on your award! Yay!

  5. Oh Tilly, I can relate to both situations and it was a lovely post. You have my sympathy.

    Thank you so much for the award.

    I hope you have(had) a nice day despite it all.

  6. Hi there,

    Thankyou for visiting my blog and leaving comment, I really am glad to know you were there. I have been looking over your lovely blog and I will come back often to visit.

  7. Yes, I will join in! Thank you for thinking of me...I need a couple of days to think.

  8. Not really sure.....i have sent the app by email, so they will have it now, anyones guess the closing date is tomorrow!
    I love you popping in! such fun!

  9. Its cool!
    I love this bloging thing!
    Shame ppl live so far apart!xxx

  10. We were doing four of this and four of that.....Helping millie with her counting!
    Jess has also done a big number four to put with it, so millie recognises the number 4!
    She really is a sweet girl, went over there tonight, to chat things over with my sister.......i'll drop you an email about it!
    Thanks for being so very kind!
    If i didn't have Olly i'd be very sad indeed!

  11. If I were you I wouldn't worry about the burglars. The sound of screaming children in the middle of the night would keep them away!!

    I've never had a filling (I'm 45, so I know I'm really lucky) but I'm feeling a weird niggling pain every now and then in my left jaw....
    You and I might be sporting the same smile soon.

  12. love the way you write. I am like you with the monsters under the bed, when dh is away,

    Gill in Canada

  13. Hi, Tilly!
    Thanks so much for two awards!!! I am completely flattered.

  14. Oooh, thank you Tilly! I'm really pleased you awarded me, and will blog it soon.

    Sorry to hear about the dental woes - bloomin' teeth, nothing but trouble from beiginning to end!

    Hope you've managed to get some decent sleep by now. My youngest had a nightmare last night, so I was wide awake and discussing football at 3am last night! :-O


  15. Thanks for the tag, Tilly, will get to it after the frenetic weekend I have in store!!! Loved the way you told the tale of the dentist. I too am a worry merchant when hubby away for the night - but when he's back I wish he was away cos his snoring keeps me awake!!

  16. see what you mean about a similar post! Doesn't it seem a lot of money for not very much at all?!!

  17. Sorry to hear about the dental work - you'd think it would be jewel encrusted for #400... (sorry, this bloomin' American keyboard doesn't have a pound sign).

    Ah, how to make me feel guilty - giving me an award like that when I haven't been near a computer in weeks, let alone visiting my blogs. Thank you.


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