Friday, 3 October 2008


I have two more super-duper commenters who just have to have this award. This is cheating, I know, but rules were made to be broken!

Raina and Suzan have been with me from the very start of my blog and I love popping in to see how they are doing. Raina has the most beautiful photographs and was the inspiration for me getting on with my first socks. Suzan grows lovely vegetables which she preserves, hand-weaves on a beautiful loom, and has to deal with bears in her barn! And the super-duperest commenter of all (with 23 comments) is Mel Mel who gave me the award. Check her out, she has a lovely home and is such a sweetie.



  1. Here is number 24!
    Thank you!
    I'm just enjoying a cup of Twinings everyday tea! my fave!
    As i'm up north having a brew is just what we do!
    I'm using my handpainted(by me) mug from Bridgewater, we went for my nieces bithday this year....was such fun!
    Going to take a look around the two ladies you mentioned!
    So glad its friday!! yippee!!!


  2. Ahhh - you're sweet, Tilly! And you have such strange speech mannerisms. Wait, wait....maybe I'm the one with strange speech

  3. Hello Tilly! Thank you for welcoming me to the blogging world! I appreciate it! I've enjoyed visiting your blog- you have a wonderful writing style and sense of humor! See you around!

  4. Hello and thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment concerning my niece Teresa.
    She is doing a bit better each day thank the Lord.
    I noticed that you do genealogy which is one of my favorite hobbies.
    I will be back to visit you again.

  5. That's a cute award! Haven't seen that one before!

  6. Tilly you are a sweet lady. I did my seven random facts but I did not tag anyone, just yet. I just got back from New York (business trip) and it was pretty intense there. I barely got my weekly post up...I have to admit I am lazying around the house today, knitting a simple little scarf and drinking favorite kind of day. I really enjoy reading your blog myself. Some of your posts are just so funny they totally make my day. write really well...and that is always nice when reading a blog.

  7. I'm amazed at what ppl give away!
    Still another person trash is another person treasure!
    I'm making apple crumble for Olly as he has been so fab.....its his fave!
    I'm so glad its been good weather, i love the sun when its a bit chilly!
    Last of Tess tonight...have you been enjoying it?


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