Sunday, 5 October 2008

Grandparent's Day

I read somewhere that today is Grandparent's Day, so here is a photo of mine (George and Annie):

I was very close to my grandma but never knew my grandad as he died before I was born. This was taken on their wedding day in 1930. He was 36 and had been married before and had 2 children, but his first wife had died due to an infected insect bite (no antibiotics back then). My grandma was only 21 and her father was not best pleased with this marriage!

I've found out quite a lot about my grandad through my family history research and it really makes you appreciate the times we now live in. He was one of 6 children but only 3 made it to adulthood. He worked for his father who owned a factory which recycled fabric waste. This meant that he avoided being conscripted for WW1 as his job was considered more valuable to the country than shipping him off to France. His brother wasn't so fortunate. He was conscripted in March and was dead by June. His father died of a heart attack whilst they were having a jaunt in a rowing boat and he had to row them back to shore, but it was too late to save him. He had a sister, but she died in childbirth and there was rumour of another sister who was 'sent away' and never returned. His mother died shortly afterwards - perhaps she'd suffered one loss to many?

We have wars but no-one is forcing us to fight. If you're taken ill or have an accident then help is usually only a phone-call away. I had scarlet fever as a child and I wonder if I'd still be here if it had been the 1920's. It really makes you realise how fortunate you are.

Edited: See this post for a bit more info on George and Annie.



  1. What an interesting post Tilly....really does make you think, social history is a particular interest of mine.
    I'm going to be volunteering for the NT in the new year, one of the aspects of history i'lld be focusing on is the effects illness and the lower classes.....during the industrial revolution.....and the world wars....i'm so excited!
    Thank you for sharing this

  2. I love that photo and reading about your grandparents.

    I've a couple of genealogical posts on my blog and you've just reminded me that I must add another "character" in my story!

  3. Funnily enough, I felt compelled at the weekend to do a looking back type post - genealogy and those who make us who we are. Is it the time of year, autumn, the close of the year making us slightly melancholy? Or too much 'who do you think you are'! I love the photograph, it is one to be cherished.
    Kim xx

  4. It certainly does make you think how fortunate we are to live in this day and age - My grandad diesdwhen I was 6 so I have some memories, but my sisters who are 6 years younger than me obviously never knew him. My Grandma had 16 siblings, but only a few made it to adulthood - it makes you count your blessings - Natalie x

  5. It reminds me of a picture and post I did about my grandparents - last year I think. I've done a bit of family history too - it's fascinating isn't it? Life is easier now, but in some ways harder too - a conundrum! x

  6. Fascinating family history! I love to hear about "where people are from" which includes what they know of the family's history. Were all your grandparents English, Tilly? In America most of us are from very mixed heritage. For instance, I've noticed that Scots love to marry Germans - not that that is the case in my family but certainly seemed to be a trend. What d'ya suppose there is about scot-ness and german- ness that would attract them so to each other?

  7. I love doing the family reasearch - I just wish I could spend more time on it. We are as English as they come. There's a suggestion that one of my ancestors came from Northern Ireland but aside from that they're all English. In fact my Dad's family have moved only about 5 miles in 200 years!

  8. That is a lovely photo of your grandparents. I love old black and whites.

    Thanks for visiting mine :)

  9. What interesting stories about your Grandfather. It's insightful to learn about family like that.

  10. Wonderful photo and such an interesting story.

  11. Wonderful photo - great story!!

  12. Hi Tilly,

    I couldn't help clicking on your link when I saw it as Tilly is my sisters name so I thought I would say "Hi" while I'm here.

    It's looks like yours is an interesting blog so I guess I will be back when I have more time...


  13. What a lovely photograph of your grandparents.


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