Wednesday, 8 October 2008

A Few Things I Forgot.......

.........when writing the previous post about my Grandparents.

Sadly (or maybe not) I'm not a factory owning magnate as George's factory failed during the depression and the bailiffs came a-knocking. Grandma 'smuggled' as many of their possessions as she could, out of the house and down to her sister's, in the base of a large old fashioned pram, with baby and lots of blankets on the top.
Grandad got a job as a bus driver for the local 'Corporation' and his conductress was the infamous (around our neck of the woods) murderess Maggie Allen. Mum remembers her visiting them quite often and being bounced up and down on her knee. Maggie was hanged in Strangeways in January 1949. You can read all about it here.



  1. How are you today?
    I've done a nice cheerful post today!

    Loving the family tell it so very well!!!!

  2. How nice of you to say that.....I showed Ol and he said cheers!
    Sorry your not well....bad cold?
    So many bugs about!
    Best to keep warm....and read blogs!
    I'm watching Big Cat good!
    Have you been watching?

  3. Wow! What a connection - so much better then the riches, huh?
    Kim xx

  4. It's got some nice inspiring for someone who likes CK.....and nice if your a crafter....
    I'm just gettin all my scraps together to have a go at decorating the tote bag.....need will have to wait till the weekend to actually do it!
    Ck does do nice things tho...bit smitten by it all...having said that tho i do like to make my own stuff!

    P.S.....i can't pass a skip without peering in to see if there is anything good!!!
    How sad is that!?

  5. Wish more ppl would do that...!
    Olly gets really embrassed when i go skip hopping!
    No wonder he is more keen on the shops! we know its to keep me out of the skips!xxxx

  6. Your addendum history is fantastic! THAT is the stuff history is made of!

  7. Goodness! Makes you wonder if George himself ever came close to being a Maggie Victim!


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