Thursday, 9 October 2008

One Of Those Weeks!

It's turning into one of those weeks.

I'm rather under the weather and Nipper has a runny nose (nice!) so I guess that'll be me in a couple of days time. He's desperately chewing his fingers so I think he has more teeth coming, and he has a nasty blister on his finger from making a grab for the hot iron. Miss Muffett slipped down the steps at school and has sprained her ankle and also has a nasty bruise on her knee. Even the usually robust Mr Earplugs was struck down with a migraine (though it might have been just a headache - you know what fella's are like!).

I had to move the car this afternoon and I must have walked through a spider web as there was a big beastie running up my leg. I did a bit of a jig to make him fall off, which he did, but when I moved back he was still attached to me and started up my leg again! I managed not to yelp out loud but goodness knows what the neighbours thought I was doing flinging myself around on the street!

Anyway, I saw this great idea on Mary's blog:

I figured Nipper would love it so I bought a plastic tub and some scoops from the 99p store and a big bag of 'basics' rice (74p). I tried to get a funnel too but could only find expensive ones so we made one from the top of a squash bottle instead. Nipper, and Mr Earplugs, had a great time:

Though when I came back from making a cup of tea this is what they were up to:

It took me ages to hoover it all up again (it ended up all over the living room floor)! And Mr Earplugs excuse was that they were having such a good time. So that's alright then!

Edited to add: This post was submitted to The Carnival of Messy Play - 29th October 2010.



  1. just found your blog via big bucket girl. when my girls were younger, i used a tub filled with split peas - it was a little easier to clean up! isn't it amazing how such simple things can spark such long, imaginative play?

  2. Oh dear.....hope the nose and ankle recover soon!
    Love that fun game....fantastic!
    Might pinch that to use in my setting! yippee!!!!

  3. oh hope your all better now ! arent men funny with their "man flu" (a bit of a cold) etc !
    the rice thing looked like fun up to it being all over the floor :-D
    have a lovely weekend
    Lesley x

  4. Sorry to hear you're poorly - hope it doesn't turn into 'the cold' and that you bounce back.

    My two used to love standing on a chair at the sink. I used to put in some water, some washing up liquid, lots of platic 'stuff' from the kitchen, as well as yoghurt pots, No.1's play tea-set, etc. Always guaranteed to get me a quiet half an hour!


  5. Ah teething - isn't it awful? I swore by anbesol liquid for my daughter as it was the only thing that would give her relief enough to fall asleep.
    We found a wasps' nest under our living room window this summer, and I spent weeks doing the wasp dance - very like the spider dance but with a lot more arm waiving and the occasional shriek thrown in. You've got to go with the flow!
    Kim xx

  6. Mothers do have to be wonderfully resourceful creatures, don't they?! I'm admiring Nipper's beautiful hair - that white, blonde is called "towhead" here. Hope you're all recuperating by now:)

  7. Hi Tilly Thankyou for stopping by my blog and leaving such kind comments. It's always nice to know what people have enjoyed looking at. I know what you mean my dad used to say i couldn't watch young ones but he was a shift worker so i used to sneak a bit.Hope Nipper is geting over his cold. Take Care & please stop by & visit again soon

  8. Dear Tilly Thankyou so much for your comment. Hope Nipper is getting over his cold. He certainly looks like he's having fun. Are you going to post the photo of your little sleeping wonder or just frame it for yourselves.?? Take Care Caroline

  9. Oh Goodness. I hope you don't get sick. That is awful when you have young children to deal with. What a neat idea for a passtime. I am definitely sharing that with my girlfriend who has young twins.

  10. Your "spider jig" story made me laugh, but only because you are not alone! Hope you're all healthy again, seems as though there are bugs (viruses, not spiders) everywhere!

  11. Oh yes as long as they have a good time the mess never matters!
    Hope you are all feeliong better by now.

  12. Thank you so much for joining in with our Carnival of Messy Play. It looks like they had a great time with thier play - lots of learning going on too. Maybe they need a dustpan and brush so they can practice sweeping up too?!


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