Sunday, 16 November 2008

A Fabulous New Coat!

I'm not much of a shopper. I used to love it but attempting to shop with a toddler in a pram, a moaning pre-teen and an equally moaning husband (he really hates shopping) doesn't really do it for me! Opportunities to shop alone are few and far between and never come around when I actually need them. Usually this doesn't matter too much. I'm pretty much a jeans and tee-shirts girl and this works fine until we have a 'do' to go to. With a friend's wedding coming up some serious shopping was required.

I already have a lovely black dress which I got from Monsoon a couple of months ago. My mate Pete kept an eye on Nipper while I dashed into the changing room. On the way there I spotted a lovely velvet skirt for Miss Muffett and bought it on the off chance since it was such a bargain at only £8. Luckily it fits and she loves it.

The problem has been in finding a coat. Now I wouldn't usually be thinking of buying a new coat just to go to a 'do'. I have (or rather 'had') a suitable, if somewhat dated, woollen coat but when I got it out of the wardrobe and dusted it off (literally!) it had clearly seen better days and a dry clean wasn't going to sort it out. Even Mr Earplugs agreed. The thing is though, I hardly ever need to wear a 'nice' coat and have had real trouble in justifying buying a new one. I'm usually out with Nipper in either waterproofs or an anorak (nice!).

I saw this one in the Boden catalogue:

A lovely coat and workable with both my jeans and perhaps a posh frock. It was a bit pricey but I had a discount voucher and free returns so I ordered it. The model looks great in it. I looked like a sack of spuds! I sent it back and remained coatless.

Yesterday we had a lot of bits and bobs to sort out so decided to 'coat-spot' on our trip around town. I tried a few on but none were really doing it for me. Then we spotted this in Marks and Spencer's:

It's the most gorgeous, long, chocolate brown, soft velvet coat. Completely unsuitable for daily use - but then I won't use it daily! I tried it on and it looked lovely. Mr Earplugs declared that he wasn't sure it was worth £130 (ouch!) but a passerby said 'yes it is, it looks fabulous!'. And with that the coat was mine! When we got to the till we found out there was 20% off and I had some vouchers to use up too, so a fantastic buy.
(I think hubby may have been feeling a touch guilty as earlier in the day I'd told him that Mel's lovely hubby Olly had given her roses twice in one week and I've only had flowers twice in 8 years - so thanks Mel!).

However, I'm left with a slightly niggling feeling that I really should have bought something a bit more 'sensible'!

(Photo's from the Boden website and M&S Website).



  1. oooh its gorgeous.
    we dont need hefty coats here in N. Florida, but my theory about coats has always been that it doesn't matter too much if you spend a lot of cash, as long as you get a few good years out of it. and clearly you love it, as do the passersby, so i think it was worth it.

  2. You did the right thing, I bet it looks lovely. I know what you mean about Boden, everything looks beatiful on the models but never on me!! So it's not just me dropping hints about Olly?? I've been trying that one for months!! I did get some flowers 2 weeks ago, 1st in 20 years!! Maybe it's starting to sink in :)

  3. Olly says he is glad to have been of service!
    I adore the coat and think that it can be dressed up and down....jeans a funky scarf and converse style trainers a brown leather bag.....still a winning look....! Practical too!
    Its truly wonderful!


  4. Oh please! you have your whole entire life to buy something 'sensible'. Really!! Just pamper yourself by owning something special, that feels wonderful and makes you happy. Those 'feel good' moments are what make life fun. Enjoy your most beautiful, chocolate brown's scrumptious.

  5. Hi you doing?
    I'm sure OFSTED will be ok....i was graded as "good" last time, one below Outstanding, i'veno hope of getting that dust!

    last bit of my break, wee one napping after playgroup, so just reading my work online....complicated!xx

  6. Hi Tilly, Thanks for your lovely comment about my blog. I totally agree on the coat dilemma. Most of us probably only buy one decent coat every few years so I always go for the staple black. I love the red Boden coat because it would look nice dressed up or look equally as good with a smart pair of jeans. And velvet....well now you are talking my language, you absolutely have to have velvet somewhere in a wardrobe so I am very jealous of your expensive but gorgeous new coat X

  7. That coat is gorgeous and everyone needs to treat themselves at some point. When is the wedding that you are going to - have you got your outfit sorted?

  8. Both are wonderful, Tilly! We need these things once in a while. The red is stunning and you've just gotta swoosh a bit in that velvet. Enjoy them.

  9. Hi
    Thanks for visitng my blog. I have been a little naughty this week and added tow more to my collection of compacts. I like Boden too. Bought a couple of their cross iver tops last summer and they hardly need any ironing which is music to my ears.

  10. Its a fab coat, always go for the unsuitable I say, better gorgeous than practical.


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