Sunday, 9 November 2008

Remembrance Sunday

A while ago I did a post about my grandparents and mentioned how my grandfather had been spared being sent to France during the First World War because of his job.

Not so his brother. He was conscripted in March 1917 and dead by June 1917. He doesn't look like a soldier does he?

He is buried in a small military cemetary at Fampoux near Arras.

'They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old
Age shall not weary them nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun, and in the morning
We will remember them'



  1. I'm just watching the service from this morning....i burst into tears when one of the eldery gents stubbled and had to be held up by one of the soldiers.....its very see the images of war, that they gave themselves without question to fight, absolutly chokes me up.....just been up to take Olly a cup of tea, i don't surppose i'm the only women glad to have her OH at home safe.....God bless all those who have gave their lives and those still trying to secure peace.
    Hugs for youxxx

  2. What a lovely post in remembrance of him.

    My grandfather lied about his age to go to France and I think he was about 14 when he went. He was extremely tall and probably looked older.

    Fortunately, he survived the war ...

  3. What I have most appreciated about WW1 this year is that, even 90 years on, the family memory survives. My great grandad was a POW in WW1 and had to learn to sew left handed afterwards. This I know because my Nan (born 1915 and dead in 2000) used to tell me all her stories. And my grandad died in 1944, in Italy, so today we (that is, I mean me) I always remember with gratitude one who returned and one who died.

  4. It is by people like us & you making a post like this that we will always remember. God bless you not just for a lovely post on your relative but for speaking on behalf of everyone. I must say this touches me to the core even more now I have a son in the defence force.

  5. Lovely post but sad story. Thanks for sharing this with us. x

  6. Tilly, I love the poem. My father died in service on Okinawa when I was just two. I look at the pictures of him - he will always be a beautiful youthful thirty years old.

  7. A moving tribute, Tilly. Thanks for keeping the memories alive of those who sacrificed their lives for us, so that we could live in peace.

    I have done a similar post over on my blog too!

  8. Maybe Olly could do a blog called the art of romance LOL
    He is a sweetie....bless hime, but all our OH's are fab in their own way!
    I do lve the roses, they are starting to open....
    Very exciting about the cool to get a treat thru the post!
    How are you feeling BTW.....?xxx

  9. This really is real life via the blog.....i'm sadly picturing you all chucking up!
    Oh dear!
    I think you should award yourself the award on my blog......i award you!xxxxx

  10. You are right, he looks more like an sad. I remember seing the white crosses when I lived in France.

  11. That looks like a beautiful memorial.

  12. Hiya...i did get a CK poncho waterproof thingy, and my mum fell about laughing at me!
    Also some chap called out of the window of his car......"lovely Shower curtain" i struggle with the brolly! and get wet....such is life!

  13. That's one of my favourite verses.

    Our troops make such a sacrifice for us, for such little thanks.


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