Saturday, 8 November 2008

Kitchen Poetry: 6 & 7

As it's Remembrance Sunday tomorrow I've decided to combine my last two 'kitchen poetry's.

Here's a forgotten corner of my kitchen - don't look too closely as it's rather dusty. We never eat the nuts, I think they've been in that bowl since our first Christmas here!

The next photo's are a bit of a cheat as they were taken last weekend. Nipper had great fun helping to make a cake:

But as usual as soon as your back is turned he's up to no good:

Here is the result - yummy!



  1. My fave cake....any kind of cake! yum!

    How you doing today!
    You sound very chirpy!

    I'm watching Miss Marple, the new one....prefer Joan Hickson, but it will do....all snugged up in a blanket!xxx

  2. We just made a loaf too. It's always an adventure getting the kids to help isn't it? Actually, Megan is getting quite competent at her baking now!

  3. Well I don't know about you, but I always kneel on the kitchen top when I bake a cake :-p x

  4. Ha! Look at his little bum up in the air :) So cute! But what was he trying to get at in the sink?


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