Friday, 12 December 2008

Swap Time!

I popped down to the postal sorting office this morning to pick up a large parcel of golf balls (don't ask!) and, unbeknown to me, my swap parcel from 'Thrifty Mrs' was also waiting for me - naughty postman had left it there without letting me know as he knew that I'd have to call in for the golf balls at some point! Suddenly the visit was much more interesting! I was dying to open it but decided to restrain myself so that I could take photo's!

But before I do, here's a sneak peek of what I sent, as me and Nipper had great fun creating the wrapping and labels. It was a very 'thrifty' endeavour using brown paper and luggage labels and a potato cut into the shape of a Christmas tree. I was really pleased that we had enough paper left over to wrap the box in:

I managed to behave myself and waited until I had the camera ready before opening mine - how exciting!

Here it is:

And look what was inside, all beautifully wrapped with little labels to give a hint at what was inside, a lovely card, and chocolate coins too:

I now have the perfect excuse to take a long, candlelit bath:

Followed by a pedicure with lovely sparkly pink varnish and warm woolly socks to snuggle into:

Before settling down to an entertaining evening with Doris Day and Rock Hudson and a bar of Green and Black's:

What could be more perfect for a 'cosy night in'?!

Thank you so much 'Thrifty Mrs'. I'm delighted with your gifts and I'm now feeling very Christmassy.

And of course 'big thanks and a hug' too to Mel and Lesley for organising the swap.



  1. What a super fab a thrifty mrs is!

    did you get my email...i can't go upstairs to check as have the little one...will check later! at nap time!


  2. That does sound like a cosy night in :) The socks look very snuggly

  3. oh what a lovely swap parcel to receive!!! love the nail polish and manicure goodies :-)
    I am loving all these swap show and tells !
    Lesley x

  4. Hi

    Hope you don't mind me having a nose, all these swaps look excellent! I love the wrapping on the gifts you sent and received :)

    Mel x

  5. Glad you liked it. I love all of mine.

  6. Hello tilly...did my email ever arrive?

    Lovely swaps you did.....thrifty was so pleased, she wore the brooch to the BW factory...its super....your so clever!xx

  7. Those lables are so cute! I absolutely love them!!

  8. What a lovely swap :-) ilove the socks very snuggley :-) x

  9. Nothing better than getting parcels in the post! Looks like you thoroughly enjoyed yours...

  10. Your stamped tags and wrap are really fun!

  11. I have tagged you for a reading meme!

  12. Hi Tilly, Just popping by to wish you and your family a very Happy Christmas X


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