Friday, 5 December 2008

A Lovely Wedding and a Great Relief!

Last weekend we drove to Chichester for a friend's wedding. We stayed at a lovely hotel; very clean, good food, a small 'leisure suite' and very reasonably priced but we had a really hard lumpy bed! This was the first night in months that Nipper had slept through and we didn't get any sleep as the bed was so uncomfortable (even Mr Earplugs couldn't sleep and he usually sleeps like the dead!) Isn't that just always the way?!

The wedding was held in a barn complex and although it was very cold and wet it was a really lovely day. The barns were decorated with christmas trees and fairy lights and there was a whole pig turning on a spit in the courtyard which smelled fabulous. The bride's dress reminded me of a mermaid and her attendants wore dark steely blue dresses with organza wraps and sparkly shoes. They all looked beautiful. I loved wearing my new velvet coat but only just managed to get into my posh frock as I hadn't realised just how much I'd expanded given that I'm still only in early pregnancy!

There was lots of champagne - I was on the lemonade :o( - and canapes and nibbles. This was followed by a sit down dinner of red onion and feta tarts with rocket leaves and balsamic dressing, hog roast with roasted vegetables, wedding cake with mixed berries, raspberry sauce and whipped cream, and a cake of stacked cheese which looked amazing. The people on our table did very well with the wine and champagne allocation, and were very pleased about it, as none of the four of us was drinking! Nipper was still quite poorly with his nasty virus so we stayed just long enough for Miss Muffett to have a few dances and then headed back to the hotel, where I was very happy to get out of my frock! We didn't take many photo's but here are a few:

You might remember that I was knitting a shrug to wear with my posh frock. Well there is a bit of a story attached to that! Something rather strange happened. While I was knitting it I had terrible morning sickness, which is thankfully getting much better now. Every single time that I looked at it I felt really sick and so couldn't then face the idea of wearing it for a 'big event'. So I put it to one side. Very, very strange!

Here it is:
It's almost finished with only about 15 rows to go. Miss Muffett has taken quite a shine to it and so I'm going to finish it off for her instead, perhaps for Christmas if I can face it or more likely for her birthday.

Pregnancy Update:

On Wednesday we went up to London for a scan and blood tests to see if all was ok with the pregnancy. As Wednesday is the day on which the clinic deals with pregnancy problems our appointment was delayed by 2 hours. The waiting room was quite comfy and I had a sandwich and a magazine so I was happy waiting (that's probably the quietest 2 hours I've had since Nipper arrived!)
I must admit that I was feeling very nervous about the scan so when it was our turn and the doctor very quickly said that everything looked ok I was so relieved that I cried. I couldn't help myself. When we went in our 'unadjusted' risk for Down's (trisomy 21) was 1:33 and for trisomy 13/18 was 1:61 based on my age. Following the scan and blood test results our risk went to 1:1109 and 1:2011. These are better results than those we had for Nipper and since the risk of miscarriage with a CVS is 1:100 we decided that it wasn't necessary to have any further tests. And here is the little fellow:

The doctor was 80% sure that we are having a boy. Miss Muffett was somewhat underwhelmed by this news as it means that she'll have 4 brothers, bless her! I'm just so relieved to have got to this point, I can't tell you. We can now get on with thinking about Christmas!



  1. What a super wedding you went to!

    So pleased for you that all is well.....:>))xx

  2. Oh fantastic news, I am so very happy for you :)


  3. I have had a quiet blogging week, I missed you.

    I am so happy about the news. I got such a fright when I was 37 and learnt that I was borderline for these tests. So glad you don't have to worry about CVS. Wonderful. Amazing that they gave a percentage. With our last two they said girls, I was so afraid it would be wrong, that not sure I told a lot of people, though probably everybody knew as I told Mum? Can't remember now.

    The barn, was it anything like River Cottage HQ?

    Anyway, enjoy everything!

  4. im so glad the pregnancy is going well.

  5. Thanks for the help on the Jam :)


  6. Thanks for the comment.

    Glad everything was ok with your scan. I was only 25 when I had number 1 - but at the 2nd scan detected that he had dilated kidneys and so could be downs.
    I didnt want the miscarriage risk with anymore testing, so declined and spent the next 20 weeks worrying constantly.

    He was born healthy apart from his kidneys and has since grown out of that problem !

    I'm doing my family history as well - fascinating isnt it.

    I have recently discovered a murder so will have to do a post about it when i have finished researching the circumstances - but roughly my Gt Aunt stabbed her 18 yr old daughter in the back with a kitchen carving knife !!!


  7. I'm so glad everything went well with your scan, I remember how stressful it can be, even when you aren't necessarily expecting bad news. Take it easy not and have a good Christmas.

  8. Congratulation on the pregnancy, I never truly relaxed throughout any of my pregnancys and if I could have my time over again I would have treid to enjoy them more and worry less, but thats me all over.
    Love to see your scan photos, something to treasure until your little bundle arrives itself.
    Take Care and try not to stress over christmas...

  9. I am so glad everything is great with baby and you. I did have a good laugh about the are doomed with that one. To this day I still can't look at ground beef and not feel ill (it made me so ill when I was pregnant many, many moons ago).

  10. Sounds like a lovely wedding! If you love the coat I'm sure you find plenty of reason to wear it and get your moneys worth from it. So glad the pregnancy is going well and that nipper will have a companion to play with soon.

  11. Hi Tilly, Im so pleased everything went well at the scan, I have been thinking about you since I last commented so Im thrilled to bits for you all. Now you can relax and enjoy Christmas. Thanks for showing us the 'picture' of your little boy its lovely. It was so kind of you asking after my kitten when you had more important things to think about, Izzy had a check up on Saturday and is doing fine. Take Care X

  12. Looks like you had fun at the wedding. You shouldn't be rushing around.... put your feet up (yeh right!!!) Keep meaning to say that Nipper looks lovely with his hair cut... he has a proper boy's head :)

  13. Hi, Tilly! Sounds like a wonderful affair!!! Weddings are so romantic to attend! Your babe looks amazing!

  14. I'm glad all looked ok on your scan. We had funny test results with my first (highest score ever recorded) and I spent the rest of my pregnancy having test after test. Every ultrasound showing all looking ok was such a relief (All was just fine in the end).

  15. Hello Tilly!

    I'll be emailing tomorrow....:>))
    So lookinf forward to my half day!
    Just this weeke and next then i'm off for 9 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! woohoo!!!!!!!!


  16. What a handsome boy:) So happy for you! Strange about the pregnant associations that our bodies make for us. To this day I cannot look at a cup of almond tea

  17. If you feel like it, I have tagged you for a Christmas meme.

  18. Tilly I am so glad that everything is going so well and that you don't have to have the dreaded CVS. The wedding looks like it was fun, even if you were on lemonade! Just try and take it easy -easier said than done I know :)


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