Monday, 27 October 2008

Emergency Knitting Required

We have been invited to a wedding at the end of next month. I knew the invitation was forthcoming but it had kind of slipped my mind. I have a lovely dress to wear but it's black. The unanimous decision here (Miss Muffett & Mr Earplugs rather than me) is that I should knit something to wear with it and make it a touch less funereal! So, emergency knitting required!

I'm not the fastest, or most accomplished, knitter but when I saw a shrug in Monsoon and it was £40(!) I agreed with the aforementioned unanimous decision. So, Wisp and my second socks are on hold and I have started the Reading-In-Bed-Shrug. I had a look on Ravelry and several people had used Sirdar Blur so I got myself on Ebay quick sharp and bought 2 balls, total £6.50. Much better than £40!

Here it is in all it's glory:

The colour is a bit bright to say the least but it's certainly not funereal! It's a bit of a nightmare to knit with as the furry mohair sticky out bits get caught up. And I did my usual of thinking I was doing it wrong, so changed what I was doing and then discovered I was right after all, and had to pull back 4 rows. (I get mixed up between yo and yfwd, not sure if it's the same thing or not). Not to be recommended with this stuff. I will never doubt myself again!

Here is progress so far. You can just see the beginnings of the pattern. I'm going to make it longer than the pattern says as I want it go down to my elbows:

The person who wrote the pattern refers to it as 'mindless' knitting. It may be a simple pattern but I can't remember it to save my life! I have to have it written right next to me. The only pattern I can remember is K1, P1!

Quick pregnancy update:

I haven't managed to see the doctor yet. If you're at death's door you can usually get an appointment quite quickly but otherwise it can take a while. I've got an appointment for the end of the week. I can't see the midwife when I'm supposed to as they don't have enough appointments available. This always makes me laugh (well, not really) because the government is always banging on about maternity care and it seems to get worse with every pregnancy (and I'm on my 5th now). So that appointment will have to wait till the week after.
I've got the worst sickness I've ever had - many thanks to Kitty for her suggestion of ginger pop ice cubes - and I'm feeling very lightheaded. All because I'm 'manufacturing' as Mr Earplugs so charmingly puts it. I've had a bit of 'spotting' but I know this is quite common so I'm trying not to worry about it. Either way there's not much I can do so we'll just have to see. I'm hoping that the doctor will be able to arrange for an early scan so we can see how things are going.

Quick update on my Mum:

Mum had her MRI scan last week. They scanned her head and neck (to see if she had a brain according to my Dad - very cheeky!) and as she has to wait for 4 - 6 weeks for the results we figure things must be reasonably ok.



  1. Have you sucked a ginger ale ice cube yet? I bet the Nipper and Miss Muffett will want some too - my eldest did!

    I love the pink, it'll make the black look about as un-funereal as it's possible to be!

    Keep looking after yourself. Hope all goes well with your appointments. (At the first midwife appointment when I was pregnant with No.2 I had to ask her to stop talking about food as I was feeling soooooo sick).


  2. I didn't like the spotting thing much. I think it happened with just my last two.

  3. hope you get your appointment sorted out !!! cant wait to see the end result of your emergency knitting!
    thanks for your comment - am kicking myself for not thinking about tesco delivery!!
    Lesley x

  4. Hi Tilly, I had to laugh because when I first saw your post I thought you were going to knit yourself a dress and with all the wet weather just now I imagined you starting with a knee length and it ending up down to your ankles! LOL! My sister had a little spotting with her oldest son, but it was absolutely nothing to worry about. Maybe you should try and rest with your feet up as much as possible (a good excuse to have everyone run around after you). Hope your mum is ok, as you say if it was anything to worry about they would have the results alot sooner. Take Care of yourself! X

  5. I really hope both you and your mum are doing well - my last midwife used to say that really awful morning sickness was more likely to be a girl - it was with me! Apart from that, it also means your pregnancy hormone levels are high which is a good thing. Good luck with your knitting, I envy you as I couldn't knit myself out of a paper bag!

  6. Great knitting project. Will you actually have it finished in time for the wedding? (I start things with great fervor and then....well, let's not talk about it) Keep us updated on the "manufacturing", will you?

  7. Hello are you feeling today?
    Thank you for the support RE the job!!
    :>))))) cheers hun!xx

  8. Hi Tilly. I have an award for you, come by my blog to see it when you are ready.

  9. Hi Tilly Love your blog I have given you an award come by & collect it.Caroline
    PS- Hope your feeling a lot better now

  10. Tilly, I wish you lived near me because whenever I would feel blah after working for a bunch of idiots, I could call you and you would make me laugh. First, very cute colors on the shawl, definitely not 'funereal' - good word that! Secondly please take care of yourself and drink real strawberry leaf tea (I had hideous morning sickness with both of mine - I only gained like 10 lbs - and finally if you are spotting do not do anything strenous, please....

  11. How are you feeling today?
    Morning sickness any better?

    we ahd a lovely time all together...was fun....she loved the room!xxx

  12. Hi there sweetie......hope the doc's can fit you in soon....!
    Hope you get a rest tonight......surprising how a few days out can make you tired...feet up girl and chill!

  13. hope your feeling okay !!
    thanks for yoru comment i was a bit worried everyone was going to make comments about what busy social lives they have LOL i know what you mean about the chelsea tractor thing as well - just knowing that your being assessed because of the car you drive/job you do etc etc just winds me up - i cant be doing with it - maybe its my no nonsense northerness that doesnt deal with these things very well !
    Lesley x

  14. It was so cute,we left it...wild strawberries are so tasty tho!
    We are waiting for Autumn watch to come on...we love it!


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