Tuesday, 21 October 2008

An Ordinary Week

A while ago I came across a blog project called 'A Week in my Life' where participants were cataloguing their entire week from photos down to bus tickets and till receipts. I thought I might have a go at the photos (I've got enough junk and clutter about the place thanks very much!). I took a few photos but then ditched them as they were all so 'ordinary'. I don't know what else I expected really!

Anyway, a few days ago Lesley posted about her 'ordinary day' and so I decided to resurrect the ordinary week project, and here it is, with a few explanatory notes (Sunday to Saturday of last week):

Our version of 'Simply Breakfast' (ha ha!); Mr Earplugs usually makes bread at the weekend;

Miss Muffet baked a cake (should have been fruit cake but we didn't have all the ingredients, down to me being an 'undomestic goddess!!'); I used to love a cappuccino in the afternoon but now I'm on the peppermint tea (morning sickness); I love these noodles - disgusting really;

Nipper loves 'In the Night Garden'. If he's having a strop this is sure to shut him up (good old electronic babysitter!); He also loves 'Squiglet' - this is included as Nipper decided to colour along with Squiglet, only he did have a crayon and it was all over the tv screen. Mr Earplugs was pretty cool about it because he reckoned it was 'educational' - lol!; We don't get to watch too much tv but sometimes tape stuff to watch later. I love 'Heroes' and I'm a 'Strictly' addict!;

Here's a bit of what Nipper got up to: Every morning he switches on the cd player and we listen to Mr Earplug's blues & soul cd. We have to have Ray Charles' 'What'd I Say' playing with Nipper shouting out 'awright!'; A bit of a strop coming on as Nipper couldn't work out how to get his sandal on; Being 'helpful' with the cotton buds; And generous with his bubbles;

Getting 'up close and personal'; He likes to have his cars all lined up; Fun with playdoh - he's mixed up all the colours now so it looks like something that needs to be scooped up and put in a poop bag; What Nipper likes best - a big mess!;

Trying to get rid of our colds; The poor cat trying to get some shut-eye; Our girls - don't look too close as they need cleaning out (that's a Miss Muffett spending money job but the 'carrot' isn't working); Big beastie who made his web across the windscreen inside the car - Mr Earplugs nearly had a heart attack.

The usual daily stuff; Washing; Ironing - which is usually a mountain before I do anything about it; Nappies!; The epic proportions of our recycling pile (another Miss Muffett 'undone' job);

And what I might be doing once I've dealt with all of the above!; Trying to make some number and letter flash cards - will blog them if they ever get finished; A bit of blogging; And my knitting (Wisp).

And what isn't shown:
- my friends daughter's birthday party - 30 rampant 4 year olds!
- my s-i-l's birthday tea
- Miss Muffet's friend's paintball party - she's covered in bruises and doesn't fancy going again
- our toddler group session (no cameras allowed)
- Nipper's Sunday swim (no cameras allowed)
- the look of horror on my face when Nipper pulled the needles out of my knitting
- and again when he emptied half a bottle of body lotion down his front and all over the bedroom carpet
- my grumpy face when woken by Mr Earplugs alarm clock at 5:15am. He can't hear it because of the earplugs!
- my grumpy face (again) when woken in the middle of the night by Nipper. This happens about 5 nights out of every seven.
- my even grumpier face when we were all woken up at 4:00am with the cat yowling because he fancied a midnight stroll!
Yep, I'm one grumpy Mama!



  1. LOL!!!!!
    Wonderful Tilly!
    What a crazy week!
    Thats real life up close n personal!
    Loving the nappies!

    Adored the bits at the end.....hope your less grumpy now!
    Cheers for sharing!xxxx

  2. Awww, sorry to hear about the grumps and the sickness. Ginger was my saviour when expecting No.2 - ginger ale, ginger biscuits, ginger tea, crystallised ginger - all marvellous! I also make ice cubes from ginger ale to suck as the coldness and the ginger combined would stop the nausea dead for a little while.

    Hope you feel better soon ... and I loved seeing the photos!


  3. oh i LOVE your pictures they are fab ! i think thats more how mine were supposed to look LOL
    hope your not feeling too sick poor you! i was so sick with both of mine and had people saying oh its because its a boy etc etc - i had one of each and virtually exact pregnancies so the old wives tale didnt come true!! you take it easy and fingers crossed tonight is a "sleep through" night!
    Lesley x

  4. I loved hearing about nappies and nipper's antics. And there was a jar that suspiciously looked like Vegemite.

    We have a new one with this lid everyone was interested in.

  5. Loved having a peek at your life and enjoyed the way you showed them.

    Congratulations too - no advice re morning sickness as I expect you're a pro now with number three but I know how you feel (had it with varying degrees with all of mine). Never minded really though!

  6. Oh my goodness, a party of 30 4year olds!! Yikes, I have nightmares about that sort of thing. I love your week of pictures, such a nice project.

    Incidentally, my daughter is called Tilly which is what led me here, your blog is lovely and I will be back again.

  7. Loved your week in pictures.Tell me was that a jar of vegemite in the brekkie photo or am I only being a hopeful Aussie as we are told that no one else likes it.

  8. This is a great idea - I love the close up shots and the cars lined up - why do they do that.

  9. Tilly, you aren't busy, are you?! Thank you for this small peek at your world. How do you ever manage to sneak knitting in??!!

  10. This is going to be a lovely post for you to look back on.

  11. you are a busy bee, and though it may be an ordinary week for you, I like ordinary things,

    Gill in Canada, originally from Cumbria.

  12. Hi Tilly do hope you are feeling a little better stop by sometime Caroline

  13. I LOVE that week! I think you should have drawn pictures of your grumpy face! HA!

  14. Hello Tilly!

    All back to normal now.....never down for long...the spirit of the North keeps me going!

    Just doing a load of washing, ironing and general housey stuff...so boring... but necessary!
    Got my friend n her daughter later this week so have to have all ship shape.....i'll be watching little Dorrit later...you?
    how ahve you been.....i'll do emails if i get the chance this week, tho its half term..and my niece keeps me very busy!

    Happily i'm only working 3 1/2 days so thats good!
    I'm so looking forward to having some time away!

  15. Poor Tilly with the morning sickness!:>(

    I'm watching Miss Jenkins on Songs of praise...think she is fab...so pretty!
    Lovely voice!

    I am really looking forward to seeing them...will be fab!

  16. I love reading about all of "Nippers" creative play:) and I must applaud you on that lovely basket of laundry. I had hoped to do a final power clean of the house, but here I am blogging and quite content with it, really.

  17. I love 'everyday' pictures. I just purchased a "Year of Mornings" because I love looking at pictures of real life - everyday life. There is something pleasant and comforting about it. I love your pictures. Look after yourself and the teeny wee one!

  18. Sorry Tilly....they were both temp posts....one heat of the moment...and one for a thrifty mrs...to see if she wanted to buy a Lloyd loom basket cheap.....she does....i thought of her as she said she has loved the two i have sold...so i sold it to her very cheap cos she is a sweetie!

    How is your day....my niece is feeding her toy horse my buttons.....wee one napping the hour diff has confused her!
    we ahve baked and fed ducks1

  19. I love fruit cake.....cheers for the slice....here is a cake made by my girls!
    We have had one each and one for Olly and the rest are going home with them...for the mums and dads.....cos they had to go to stinky work!
    Poor them....they fone everyday.....just to hear the fun....why can't the goverment let more ppl have the choice to stay at home...so sad!
    Still at least they are safe n happy here!


  20. Well for an ordinary week, it was quite extra-ordinary! Nice tohave found you via Blog Gems!

  21. Great Blog, can you look back on it all as happy memories yet ? Sounds like my house most weeks except him indoors hasn't discovered earplugs yet !

  22. Great blog and what a mad week, can you look back on it and enjoy the memories yet ?

  23. oh dear, and I would have been too distraught myself to take a photo of the knitting. That falls into the @one of those days' category! Jen (Blog Gems)


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