Monday, 3 November 2008

A Very Busy Few Days

We have had a very busy few days! Mr Earplugs took a few days off work and we thought about going away, but as I'm feeling rather rough I was happy to stay at home! It was a good thing really as Thursday was a flurry of appointments and dashing here and there - dentist appointments for us all, dry cleaning to drop off, Miss Muffett to drop at her Dad's, car to go for a service, visit to a nursery for Nipper, my long awaited doctor's appointment (more of that later), and then retrieving the car.

I was hoping to post a photo of a fabulous Halloween lantern but sadly my pumpkin is still in it's natural state. Miss Muffett wasn't too bothered as she spent Halloween gadding about London with her Dad, Uncle and Aunt (and they went to see Joseph too - lucky girl). Nipper couldn't care less either as he's been rolling the thing around the house like some sort of boulder.
This was the closest to Halloween that we got (display at Legoland):

Legoland is within reasonable driving distance of us and as we had some 2 for 1 tickets we decided to go on Friday. Nipper was too small for most of the rides but he really enjoyed watching them, especially the 'weeeeee splash' (the log flume). Aside from the pumpkin photo we only managed one more before the camera packed up. I bought a spare battery for just such moments but I hadn't charged it - doh! It was absolutely perishing cold (I may be a northerner but I really don't do 'cold'!) . We had a good time though, despite my feeling sick a lot and Nipper having a nappy malfunction whilst sitting on his Dad's knee! Again I was prepared for just such an event with a set of spare clothes (for Nipper at least), however I had left them in the car in the car park - doh! Are you getting a kind of theme here? The day ended with a fantastic fireworks display set to the music of Star Wars. Almost every kid in the place had a light-up light sabre and you could see hundreds of them glowing in the dark.

On Saturday we decided to go to the Sealife Centre in Brighton (more 2 for 1 tickets). I use the term 'we' very loosely as it certainly wasn't my idea to venture forth when it was bucketing down! We made it to Brighton in really good time. This was probably due to the fact that no-one else was daft enough to be heading for the seaside in torrential rain! The carpark by the centre was closed so we had to park a 15 minute walk away and got absolutely soaked to the skin. Even my underwear was wet! Not nice! It's a very interesting place to visit but Nipper spent more time jumping off the steps than he did looking at fish. I managed to get a photo of the Stingrays though most of the fish were just too fast:

Nipper might not have liked the fish but he was very interested in the Amazonian 'poison-dart' Frogs. I couldn't get a photo of them as their tank was all misted up but here's a good likeness (Nipper's rubber frog, bought as a souvenir):

Pregnancy update:
The spotting seems to have stopped, which is a relief. I'm as sick as a dog as they say but I'll try not to whinge on too much about that. If you don't hear from me for a while it's because being at the computer makes me feel worse! My trip to the Doctor resulted in being sent to the hospital to be stuck with a needle, twice actually, once on Friday and again this morning, in order to check for a rise in hcg levels. I'm also booked in for a scan on Wednesday morning so we should know by then if everything looks to be ok at this stage.

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  1. Thanks Tilly, big ((hug)) for you, take it really have been very busy, lovely tho, nice to do stuff like this!
    Good use of the discount tickets!
    Just watching watchdog, good program...

    Going to bed early tonight, i'm feeling like i've been on a roller coaster of emotional events too much stuff happening all at once .....burnout!

    Enjoy your evening.....xxxx

  2. Your trip to Brighton sounds fun!! I'd love to go to Legoland - love the pumpkins.
    Hope your trip to doctors goes well on wednesday x

  3. I always thought upchucking was a pretty good indicator of healthy HCG levels? Pleased it's all going ok so far - I do keep thinking of you.

    Looks like you had some nice days out - fabulous photos of the rays.

    Take care. x


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