Wednesday, 11 February 2009

So Much Snow!

Well, I couldn't let all the snowy weather pass without a blog post about it. Anyone reading this who has to suffer serious snow each winter will probably think I'm bonkers for enthusing about it. But in the 25 or so years that I've been living in the south I've never seen it coming down like this:

Nor it settling, and staying for days, like this:

I attempted a shopping trip into town but the pavements were so icy that I had to walk in the road (a very busy one) so I decided the shopping could wait! Nipper was very bemused by it all but soon got stuck in with his too big welly boots on, and 'helped' his sister to build a snowman. She was very excited about the snow to start with but the novelty soon wore off when she had to walk to school in it. It takes her 45 minutes each way so it's not really much fun when it's freezing cold!

Hopefully it'll be another 25 years before we get any more weather like this!



  1. I'm really pleased it's starting to melt. It looks pretty but is completely impractical for 'life'! x

  2. I can't get over how much snow people down south have had.

  3. I love the snow - it just makes me want to snuggle in and hibernate.

    Thanks for your comments about Colin - he is getting stronger by the day and is hopping round by my feet at the moment.


  4. Hi nails are still blue!
    Was so funny today, I had to go out the lady who was seeing me, kept looking at them, she had a wonderful french I just looked dreadful!

    Oh and my bag is now weeping with sadness....stuffed full of stuff!xxx

  5. It has been so hot here, but today I feel cold. So when I see snow pictures now I remember when cold feels like and can "feel the picture".

    Thanks for visiting my blog earlier.

  6. This year has had the strangest weather!


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