Friday, 13 February 2009

'That' Time

It's 'that' time again. No, not the one where we all get moody and grumpy and want to eat chocolate (though being pregnant I'm luckily missing all that, except perhaps the chocolate bit), but the one where the latest copy of Country Living magazine falls through my letterbox.

I love this magazine and recently treated myself to a years subscription. It was a very thrifty treat though as it only cost £10 using Tesco clubcard vouchers. Mr Earplugs always wants to use these vouchers when we do the shopping but I hide them so he can't and I use them for treats instead!

March's edition has lots of articles which are right up my street. Wouldn't you love to have all this fabric:

And look at this sewing machine:

My grandmother had a treadle Singer and I loved it. I so wish I had one. I don't know what happened to it. When she died the house was rather speedily emptied by one of my aunties, causing a family row!

Lots of ideas for storage:
I think my Dad has a cupboard like this in his shed. He's had it for years and stores all his plant foods etc in it. It's probably worth a few bob now!

One day I'm going to live somewhere a bit more like this than where I live now:

And have a garden that I can do this with:

I love Acers:
We planted a dwarf one in a large pot in the garden as a sort of 'baby loss' memorial following my miscarriage last summer.

There's some yummy food too. Wish my dinner's looked like this (love the plate):

And wish I could eat this:
Sadly not allowed at the mo.
But lots of other stuff to drool over when I get a few free minutes - yum!



  1. I bought mine yesterday - its lovely isnt it. I too am going to have a house there, with a garden like that and meals that look as good as that - right before hell freezes over !!! Thanks for your kind comments about Colin - hes still going strong


  2. I love this magazine to, well the Aussie version of it that is. Good girl hiding thoses vouchers you are very resourceful.LOL!
    I have just done a post on my blog you might like to see it it how Europe/England fits into Australia as many don't quite relieze how big it is. Hope you and baby are growing well.

  3. Hi Tilly, when I was pregnant I always craved pate purely because I couldn't have it... though I found it was more like have 9 months of PMT instead of 9 months off! I miss my CL subscription so much!

    Mel xxx

  4. I love Acers too. My grandparents had one of those cupboards in their kitchens - I still remember it vividly. It would be a lovely crafting 'station'. x

  5. Now that is one monthly visitor I look forward to recieving.

  6. I haven't even opened my copy yet (came a few days ago). I've lost interest in it for some reason. I think it went a bit twee for my liking at one stage and I've never really got back into it.

  7. Oh, I just love my magazines too! I was just reading one a couple of minutes ago too!

  8. Oh, thank you for the peek! Yes, I would love all that fabric.

  9. hello and thanks for visiting my little blog. what a lovely blog you have and a precious something inside you. i pray that it all goes well. keep safe, i will be back.
    %*_*% rosey

  10. I think I should avoid that magazine - I have terribly itchy feet at the moment and it is made worse as I keep watching escape to the country. I've discovered a lovely mag I can drool over but not necessarily feel the urge to move immediately - Australian Quilters Companion. It's brill!

  11. Treating ourselves to a magazine subscription is really fun - and every month we get a gift in the mail:) My stepdad found an old Singer treadle at the dump once - I was very small - but I was enchanted with its beauty. In every drawer there were old sewing things. It was a treasure for sure.


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