Monday, 16 March 2009

RIP Gorgeous Go-Go!

Well, here I am again writing another 'RIP' post. This time it's for my lovely little car - the Go-Go - so called because of her number plate.

She may not look gorgeous to the untrained eye but I love her. We got her off Mr Earplug's grannie a couple of years ago. She was nearly 18 years old then and had only done 38,000 miles. She's never any trouble, costs very little to run, and usually sails through her MOT.

Unfortunately she now has to go to the great carpark in the sky as a stupid truck driver backed into her and crumped the back end. She is still driveable but our mechanic said that the safety of the rear end has been somewhat compromised and so it wouldn't be a good idea driving around with the kids in the back. So, she's a write off and I'm not best pleased. I now have to fork out unnecessarily for another car, the insurance payout will be rubbish because she's so old, I've got the hassle of finding another car, and in the meantime I'm driving a hire car which I hate - it was supposed to be a small car but it feels enormous to me! Ho hum!

However, I had a lovely surprise on the same day which really helped to brighten me up. I ordered this fab piece of fabric from Sara:

And look what else she sent - lots of lovely extras:

I was thrilled to bits! The brown fabric goes perfectly with our pair of 1970's cordurouy swivel chairs so I feel a cushion making session coming on. Thank you Sara for your generosity - you made my day!

Quick request for help - my anti-virus software (Kaspersky) has suddenly decided that certain blogs pose a phishing risk and is denying me access to them! I've read the help pages and they're not much help so I've had to disable the anti-phishing component, which isn't ideal. If anyone has any ideas on how to sort this out they would be gratefully received!



  1. I used to have an old Nova called Najjy boo, everyone loved her. She lasted ages and then my mechanic said there was a bit too much rust and she wasn't safe to drive. I was gutted!

    Mind you, if you get a newer car with air bags it will be safer for the kids.

  2. I also drive an tiny ancient second hand car, the kind that would not be safe on a highway. But I love it! I can zip and squeeze by anywhere, and it's well worth the fact that most of the times the groceries are stored ... on one of my kid's lap. I'd be very sorry if I had to give it up!
    Can't help you with the anti-virus: they are as mysterious to me as big cars!

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  4. Awww, sorry to read about Go-go who is now gone-gone :-( Hope you find something suitable soon. I love my little Yaris - it cost more than I wanted to pay, but is economical and reliable.

    As regards the anti-virus. I use AVG - the free edition. As long as I keep it updated, it's absolutely brilliant. Am happy to help you get a copy if you need it - just drop me an email (whoops, first I wrote 'droop me an email' ... Freudian slurp!)


  5. Oh, sorry to hear about your car. We had one like that when we were first married - Andy's parents gave it to us and it was a lifeline for visiting family. lovely fabric though - I love love love the bit spots!

  6. I love old cars, the kind that you made memories in, and you named, and you purred every morning with anticipation of it starting. But, those loyal cars saw you up and down so many roads that it is heartbreak to part with them.

  7. Tilly that sucks however to cheer you up I think you need to send me an email with your address. My email is
    Send me your home address and I will send you a little cheer up.


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