Tuesday, 10 March 2009

RIP Sophie Guinea-Pig

I was going to 'introduce' our guinea-pigs since I introduced the cat a while back, but one of them has only gone and died on me! I must have put a hex on it or something. One minute it was fine and a couple of hours later it was lights out time! I know they don't live very long but I think this one was only about 4 years old.

We got 2 sisters for Miss Muffett's 8th birthday. As is usually the way with these things the shine rapidly wore off and there was always a lot of moaning when they had to be cleaned out. But I managed to resist the job being dumped on me as I told Miss Muffett she had to live up to her responsibilities (how harsh is that for an 8 year old - lol!) Initially theye were going to be called Rosie and Sophie but I realised that these are the names of Sally Webster's girls in Corrie and that would have been rather sad. So instead Rosie was renamed Scooter as she scooted off when we tried to pick her up.

They were quite a pair with Sophie being the dominant greedy and grumpy one - she's the one in front in the photo below. Poor Scooter never got a look in. They had a large indoor cage for the winter (they can get bad chests if left outside in UK winter weather conditions) which we used to keep in the family bathroom. During the summer they had a rabbit hutch with a large run so they could run around and scoff the grass.
Miss Muffett was terribly upset, especially seeing Sophie lying lifeless in the cage, but this prompted a discussion on how small animals usually live shorter lives than bigger animals, which is no bad thing really. I nearly had a nervous breakdown trying to get her out of the cage. Stupid really, but I had to cover her up so I couldn't see her before I could manage it. Mr Earplug's very dutifully dug a hole in the garden border (I was tempted to put her in the wheelie bin but everyone looked at me with horror when I suggested it!). And so she was buried - hopefully deep enough so I won't be digging her up when I add plants to the border.

Scooter seems quite happy on her own, no doubt enjoying the fact that her greedy and grumpy cell mate is no more. And Miss Muffett was soon over it saying at least the grumpy one went first!



  1. Wheelie bin??? How mean is that!!! Poor grumpy Sophie ....RIP!!!
    It's so hard when you lose a pet as a child, my brother had a guinea pig..I never liked that kind of animal, if it couldn't come to bed with me I didn't want it!!!.... his got killed by a dog while he was playing with it...whoops... we did have lots of tears!! :)

  2. Thanks for your comments on my blog - glad it hasnt caused too much upset - that is the thing with kids - they do seem to bounce back remarkably quickly !


  3. Well done!
    And about the cleaning out task, I'm all envy: how did you manage not getting it dumped on you?! I didn't.

  4. Awww how sad :( I don't know how long they normally live my I know that one of my friend's pair of guineas died this week at only one year old, her stepdaughter was so upset. I hope Miss Muffett is OK.

    Mel xxx

  5. I'm so sorry to hear about your guinea pig. OUr hamster has escaped. I hope we don't have a similar situation in the end!

  6. My brother and I had guinea pigs when we were small - Piffle and Pudding. Pudding was the dominant one (she was his piggy). When she died Piffle came right out of her shell and seemed to me, to enjoy life much more! Hope Scooter is ok. x

  7. Ugh! You are a braver woman than I. There is NO WAY I would pick up a dead guinea pig, NO WAY! I once had to get rid of a dead fish from the fish tank when my boys still had such things and to this day, like 15 years later, I am still traumatized by it.

  8. I never had a guinea pig when I was young and maybe that is why they FREAK me out.

    My friend just got back from South America where she was served a guinea pig on a spit! Yucko!

  9. Ah that is such a shame. I was upset when one of my rabbits died (she was called Aubrey Straubrey!!!) and I was in my 20's (I know Im a very sad person). My partner at the time had to bury her because I couldnt. Now I live in the countryside Im the one who has to put animals out of their misery with my axe because Mr Kittens too soft X

  10. Poor little guinnea pig. These pets need to live longer.

  11. Oh dear!

    And yes, at least it was the grumpy one. Perhaps Scooter had enough and did away with her!


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