Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Mid-term Musings

I've now passed the mid-point of my pregnancy and reached the point where new nipper is classed as 'viable'. Because of my age, and what happened with the last pregnancy, I've found it a bit hard to relax into this one. I was just starting to get there when my Consultant reminded me that this birth had better be a c-section. Yikes! Guess I'll be needing lots of these then:

This has now made me freak a bit (the c-section rather than the pants - lol!). I don't know why as I was told that this would likely be the case after I had Nipper. Still, there's quite a difference in a hpothetical c-section for a possible next birth and having one fixed and put in your diary (12th June)!
I don't have any issues regarding c-section versus natural birth. In my view you have the birth necessary to keep both you and your baby healthy. I think I'm stressing because it's a major operation, which scares me to death, and I'm unsure how much help I'll get afterwards (judging by my experience of 2 previous births and my friend's recent c-section it won't be much!) And Mr Earplugs may well have problems in spending as much time as we'd like at the hospital because he'll need to look after Nipper.

I've been 'musing' a bit on how different this pregnancy has been when compared to my previous pregnancies.
I read something along the lines of: 'In your 20's you can be pregnant, hold down a full-time job, and have a social life. In your 30's you can be pregnant and have either a full-time job or a social life. In your 40's being pregnant is more than enough!' I'd have to agree. I'm going to bed before 9pm each night but I'm still absolutely knackered. Having an active toddler who doesn't like to sleep probably isn't helping there.
The morning sickness was worse and lasted longer than with previous pregnancies.
I've had every germ going - the flu which morphed into gastric flu; the nasty chest infection which landed me in hospital; 4 instances of digestive 'upsets' (the type where you need both the loo and the sink at the same time - say no more!); I now have another throat and chest virus, and there's been an outbreak of chickenpox at our toddler group so I have to avoid the place until I've had a bloodtest to see whether I'm immune!
Name a pregnancy 'irritation' and I've got it already - really bad leg cramps keeping me up at night, needing the loo all the time, terrible heartburn (I should buy shares in the company that makes Rennies), other 'digestive' issues, pelvic joint pain, nose bleeds, dropsy, braxton hicks already, and backache! I'm not 'blooming' yet either!
One thing has remained the same though - a strange desire to eat freshly cracked black peppercorns. Even when they are burning my mouth I can't seem to stop myself. Very odd!
And I've become rather large rather quickly:
I've got another 15 weeks to go so goodness knows how big I'll be by then! I rather like the blurry photo. I couldn't use the flash in the mirror and there wasn't really enough light in my hallway. I also realised how grotty the mirror was so I've been at it with the Windowlene and it's all sparkley now!
*Pants photo from the book 'How to have a baby and still live in the real world' by Jane Symons.



  1. Oooh, it's lovely to see your bump! It's quite exciting that you have a date - for us, your readers. I can see that it's less exciting for you ... rest assured I'll be thinking of you. Take care of yourself. x

  2. I'm sure you will be fine - my niece who's 35 just had her 1st by c section and she has been amazing. After my natural 35 stitches after 2 episiotomy birth, being unable to sit down for three weeks and crushing my coccyx - I think you will be fine. As you said its just about a healthy you and a healthy baby.

    I think the bump looks lovely.

    We dont eat the fish - they put them back. I dont think I could eat something that I had been responsible for killing.

    I hate it when the kids at tea time start the whole "Is pork from a pig or cow?" conversation - once I link whats on my plate with an animal I cant eat it.


  3. After reading this post I think you need a great big HUG! I had my share of the above examples that you expect with a pregnancy, and some that you do not expect too. Hang in there!

  4. Awww you've got a nice bump and you look small everywhere else! So sorry to hear about your previous loss, that must have been (and I guess still be) very hard to deal with.

    I got nosebleeds a lot in my last pregnancy... one time over my mum in law's cream carpet oops. But then I had low blood platelets (don't worry they would have told you if you had that!) and they also meant I couldn't have the homebirth I wanted, which i was gutted about. But like you say the baby being delivered healthy and safe is the main thing :)

    Mel xxx

  5. Think you've just put me off having a baby..LOL!!!
    Nice to see the bump, my sister-in-law went in to labour on tuesday at 3pm & she still hasn't had it!!! At least a C-section is over quickly :)

  6. I can fully relate to all your concerns: pregnancy loss, toddler, pregnancy over 40, C-section, the irrelevance of the method of birth as long as everything goes ok ... only not the peppercorn craving:)! Warmest wishes for the rest of your 15 weeks!

  7. You poor thing, you've certainly had a rough time of it. I had the morning sickness 'til the end and all sorts of hassles with my pregnancies, so I often had to suppress the urge to strangle women that said that they loved being pregnant. I hope that the next 15 weeks are easier for you.

  8. You look fantastic!!! I'm so sorry to hear about your last pregnancy. I truly love your honesty and hope your second trimester sends you a bit of energy!

  9. Tilly you are too naughty, I think you should wait at least half an hour after giving birth before having a cocktail LOL!

    Im so sorry to read about your past pregnancy, I cant imagine what you must have gone through, but so happy that this pregnancy is going well despite you having all sorts of ailments (I thought horses got dropsy Hee Hee) I must say your bump looks very cute and definately not as big as you think, although in 15 weeks time I may have to start calling you Bertha (only teasing... honest) Take Care of yourself. Enjoy your peppercorns X

  10. You look absolutely gorgeous.

  11. Ah, you and your bump look lovely. It makes me a teeny bit sad that I won't ever be pregnant again. You'll be fine with the C-section as well - it's just that thing you have to do to get that baby in to your arms where he or she belongs!
    Kim xx

  12. You look lovely and I'm glad you are doing well. I had a c-section with my last child after delivering the other way with the first and I was scared, but it wasn't as bad as I imagined. Sending you energy and hugs!

  13. OHHHHHhhhhh!
    You look so adorable with your baby bump!
    Hope that all is well with you both!
    Debbie Moss

  14. I like Rennies, I used them when I was pregnant last. I had more trouble last Christmas when I was using bottles sauces from the supermarket and other fastish stuff.

  15. You look lovely Tilly! I've also had both types of births and agree with all the others who say it's just a way of getting that baby out happy and healthy. And you'll "be awake" for the C-section? I hope so.


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