Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Kitchen Re-fit


(Horrible units, even more horrible floor!)


(I was a bit worried about our choice of units but they've grown on me!)

(So glad this is finished and that we don't have that awful green floor anymore!)
Pregnancy update:
Nothing much to report really. I'm taking my iron tablets and so feel better than a couple of weeks ago. I've finally accepted that I have to try and slow up a bit. I popped into town for a coffee with a friend and had to get Mr Earplugs to drive in to pick me up as I knew it would take me forever to walk back up the hill to our house!
Baby is definitely making a descent and I'm carrying him very low. He is very wriggly and causes considerable discomfort very low in my pelvis. I'm also doing the pregnancy 'walk' big time now!
We had an appointment to see the Consultant last week but once again ended up seeing a Registrar. I was a bit annoyed as at this point (37 weeks) I'd rather like to meet the person who's going to be operating. The appointment didn't go too well with the Registrar questioning why I was having a c-section and making me feel that it wasn't necessary. She was also very negative and dismissive of things I was asking for ie I asked about having skin-to-skin contact with the baby whilst being sewn up and she said that there wouldn't be room available for that during the op. I've decided to speak to the Midwife and Anaesthetist on the day as I'm sure it must be possible (and 2 fingers to the unhelpful Registrar who ought to work somewhere other than obstetrics!).



  1. Kitchen looks nice!

    Being incredibly nosey here - why are you having a c-section?

  2. What a super transformation!

    I'll be catching up via email soon!

    thank you again for the card you sent me, I'm so pleased all is well for you!xxxx

  3. I tried posting a comment ... is it somewhere at your end?

  4. Yummy, it looks brilliant! Wish I could have my kitchen done, I hate it.

    I find registrars quite unhelpful, whenever they have to ask for a second opinion from a consultant it's always different to what they've said! I'm sure you can have skin-to-skin especially if it's a planned section.

    Hugs, Mel xxx

  5. The kitchen looks great. Well done for surviving it without going into premature labour!!
    Stick to your guns about the birth, write a birth paln and make lots of copies so everyone in that romm will be on the same page. YOU are the patient and have rights so make them listen.
    Thinking of you :)

  6. The kitchen looks fab, and I am still shocked and appalled at what that registrar told you. How often are we told how important skin to skin contact is? Blimey, I was insistent on it, and can't imagine too many mums who aren't!

    Stick to your guns ... you're right.


  7. Does blogger know about the problems with internet explorer?!? By the way, firefox works, but now I don't know that I'll be able to rewrite my deep and amazing comment of the other day! To the point: it's annoying to have to deal with a go-between who's not cooperating, especially when discussing the birth of your son! But I think she may be right regarding the room available. My memories aren't too clear, mine was an emergency c-section and bonding was simply out of the question, but there wasn't much room (aside the operation itself, there's all the rest of the medical stuff going on: blood pressure being monitored, IV in just in case etc ...). I know that by the end of the pregnancy you simply can't wait to hold your little one, but it will happen, even though perhaps not just at birth but soon after. I'll be thinking of you, and look forward to "meeting" your little one too!

  8. Hi, Tilly, glad the baby is well, and what a gorgeous new kitchen. You must love it so much!!!

  9. Wow, the registrar sounds like a pill! I am glad everything is going well and pretty soon you will be holding a wriggle tiny life in your arms. How exciting. The kitchen looks fabulous. I am so green with envy. I have the ugliest kitchen, but its huge and the reno will cost a fortune. Hence it is waiting.


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