Monday, 1 June 2009

Things I Probably Shouldn't Be Doing At 38 Weeks Pregnant!

1). Building shelving systems:

Though it's so good to have the toys going 'up' the wall instead of across the floor (Mr Earplugs did help) and we can now find what we want to play with.

2). Yanking all the ivy off the garden wall. We've been trying to keep the ivy in check but it's a constant struggle and it's getting into the borders and the lawn, not to mention growing about 8 foot high in places, and ruining the pointing:
So, it had to go:

Now we have a lovely ivy free wall which we can repair:

And a space to put a small shed (we have a shed already but it's too big and rotten in places so that'll be going soon too!):

3). Spending a couple of hours traipsing around Heathrow looking for the 'spectators area' which is signposted but doesn't actually exist anymore! I had a few choice words to say about that! We were able to watch some planes taking off by hanging around the car-park (which you're not supposed to do apparently??). We also found a spot outside of the perimeter fence where you can watch the planes coming into land. They are so low at this point that you feel as if you could reach out and touch them. It was quite an experience and Nipper loved it. Wish I'd taken the camera!

4). Clambering around with Nipper on the equipment here with a view to getting him a play-frame (not from here though as they are a bit pricey). Mr Earplug's Grandad left him a bit of money when he died recently and we know he would love the idea of a play-frame for the kids. Unfortunately we have a slightly stroppy neighbour who I'm sure will make a complaint about it. I tried to head this off by asking the local Council's advice but they were useless. There isn't any legislation that specifically covers kiddies play equipment so they wouldn't give me any advice. So we'll have to put it up and see what happens and possibly apply for planning permission! I ask you - planning permission for a play-frame!

Following the ivy yanking and the kitchen refurb we're left with this:

So from now until the 12th we'll be skip-filling (got one coming tomorrow).

Pregnancy Update:
Well, so much for me saying I'm going to take it easy. We've had far too much to do! I think the iron tablets must be giving me a new lease of life - lol! Having said that, I'm quite tired as I can't find a comfortable sleeping position. I'm also having severe braxton hicks. I only had mild contractions for a few days before Nipper was born and none at all before Miss Muffett came along. These are so painful that I have to practice a bit of deep breathing! Hope that doesn't mean that new Nipper is coming early! I'll be having an afternoon at the hospital later this week for a 'pre-op' visit and a trip to the path lab next week for blood samples to be held in case something goes wrong - don't like the sound of that!
Re the registrar telling us we couldn't have skin-to-skin contact - I went to a 'c-section class' and was able to talk to a theatre midwife who said that it will be possible. We just have to tell the midwife and anaesthetist on the day and they will make it possible. I figured that might be the case. Shame that the 'higher-ups' who are often giving you information don't actually know the reality! Isn't that often the way though?!
And finally, something which I did, but which probably should have been done a few weeks ago really - set up a 'baby station' in our bedroom:
My lovely (if somewhat dated) gliding rocker came from Ebay for just £24 and a trip by Mr Earplugs to collect it. I also washed the moses basket:

So if new Nipper comes early I think we might just be ready for him - aside from the fact that we'll have to wait about an hour for m-i-l to get here!



  1. love the moses basket! where did you get that?

  2. Oh good luck good luck good luck! You are in my thoughts.......I am sure everything will go as planned. The baby area looks great (and yes that moses basket is lovely) and you sound all ready for the little one to come along. It may be a good idea to put your feet up a little bit, don't you think! :) Stripping ivy and whatnot, in your condition! LOL

  3. Just found your blog and really enjoy it! Good luck with the new one. I was laughing as I read all you have been doing @ 38 wks? I was the same one else was going to do it and it needed done NOW!

  4. I was the same with both my pregnancies, I think it is the nesting instinct - collected any dry grass or twigs recently? Best of luck with the coming weeks, if you don't manage to post.
    Kim xx

  5. Hi Tilly, Hope everything is going well. My mother was out dancing (doing the jive I think, it was 1966) the night before she had my older sister. X

  6. You are one adventurous lady! I pray that the baby will come healthy and quickly! You look as if you are all ready with your baby station. Very excited to see photos of your new little one!

  7. Thinking of you Tilly. Hope all is well. When the tiddler is here, can you email me your address please? Many thanks. xxx

  8. I always kept thinking to myself, 'if I don't get it done now, it might be ages after the babies born 'til I get around to it'. Being up a ladder painting while having contractions probably wasn't my wisest move, though.

    It always seems so cruel that it is so hard to sleep in those final weeks, when you know that it will be your last chance to get a decent night's sleep for a while. Good luck with it all.


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