Tuesday, 17 August 2010

It's a Mystery

Fed up with attempting to knit Miss Muffett's poncho I did what most knitters do and shoved it in the WIP basket and started something new! I'm embarking on a mystery knit and have joined Picnic Knits mystery shawl knit-a-long on Ravelry. I'm a bit late joining and might not even have the time to finish it by the end of the KAL but I fancied having a go anyway. It looks like it might be 'serious' lace knitting which is a bit scary so I'm just looking at the pattern row by row in order not to frighten myself! I managed to knit and block a swatch, and it looks like all the others that are on Ravelry so I guess I'm doing ok so far.

I'm using a 100% Lambswool lace weight yarn in the 'Cherry Berry' colourway by Misty Yarns which I bought from Ebay a few months ago. It's on a 4mm needle and I knit quite loosely so hopefully it'll block out to size ok. I hate all that final stretching as I'm worried the yarn will snap somewhere. I've managed to knit the first few rows from the first clue (5 clues in total) and if I manage ok I'll post pictures as I finish each clue.

I'm much more excited about knitting this than that darned poncho!



  1. Gosh , you are a clever bee! I wish I could even aspire to that! Susie xx

  2. Hi and thanks for popping by my blog! Lovely to meet you. What a great piece of lace knitting. Love it.xx

  3. Oh my goodness Tilly, it is looking amazing!!!! Good for you for getting into lace. I am so impressed. The color is so fabulous, it would be so wonderful to wear that at Christmas (and so sorry for saying that word in August).


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