Saturday, 14 August 2010

Knitting at the Beach and The 4x4 Show

We had a nice week in Devon (I'll pop some photo's up when I get them sorted out) and Mr Earplug's took an extra week off work so we have had a few daytrips too.

If we want a day at the beach then we usually head to Hengistbury Head but this time decided to go a bit further west to Boscombe. I've never been there before but I'll go again as it's great to be able to park up just feet from the beach with no need to lug all your beach gear more than about 20 feet from your car.

I decided to do a bit of work on Miss Muffett's much maligned second attempt poncho while Tiddler ate the sand and Mr Earplugs and Nipper had a paddle:

I didn't get very far with the knitting - the sea air seems to make stuff feel somehow sticky and I just couldn't get the yarn to 'flow' through my fingers the way I like when I'm knitting. I think that's probably just an excuse to stop though as I'm pretty much hating knitting this darned poncho!

But then, check out those clouds:

Yes, it poured down - good old english summer weather! So we retreated into our beach shelter and watched the rain and had a sandwich. The boys don't seem to mind whether it's raining or not. They just like digging holes!

Then today we went to The Berkshire 4x4 Show as Nipper really loves monster trucks and this show is within easy driving distance. It's not really my thing, and it rained, and the field was like a mud bath, but the boys liked it! Some of it was a bit ridiculous - check out this Mini:

And if you like monster trucks then here are a couple more:

And for a bit of a diversion check out 'Joseph' jumping through a ring of fire on his push bike! He was wearing a very fetching pair of frilly gold pants and not a lot else!

The finale was a bunch of cars getting crumped by the star of the show (before it karked it and got stuck on top of the cars!)

Now this would have been a great chance to sit in the tea tent and knit - shame I left the dreaded poncho at home!



  1. Glad you had a good time in Devon. As for the monster trucks! Boys and their toys, don't get it myself. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  2. Looks lovely, rain or not! Those trucks are really something! Susie xxx

  3. Wow, those trucks are HUGE! :o)

    Looks like you had a good break, even if it wasn't nice and sunny for you.


  4. I didn't realize the monster truck plague was international! The mini made me laugh. And I do think sea air makes things sticky. I grew up on the coast and remember how sticky my hair felt after a day on the beach.


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