Thursday, 23 September 2010

Tomatoes Ripening At Last!

So, my tomatoes are finally starting to ripen and according to the weather reports Winter is just around the corner!

My Dad did warn me that I might have problems with them as I grew them from seed but didn't start till mid-May. I've also done a very poor job of nipping out the side shoots as the plants look like shrubs and they shouldn't do!

Hopefully we'll get some lovely tomatoes to eat (I've had one and they are yummy) rather than having to make gallons of green tomato chutney!

And speaking of which we have made pickles and jam but I'll blog about them later.



  1. Lucky you! We certainly can't grow tomatoes from seeds here. I hope they get nice and red.

  2. They're looking good. My poor attempts at gardening were thwarted by my kids planting a canteloupe seed. It went beserk and overtook everything nearby - although we are getting a fair few canteloupes off it. My daughter's lone pumpkin is fighting it's way up in the middle. I hope it lasts 'til Halloween...

  3. hi Tilly, I'm so impressed that you have your own tommys!
    Cheers for popping by my blog...nice to hear from you!xxx


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