Friday, 29 October 2010

Blogger's Quilt Festival 2010 - Grandma's Lap Quilt

Having made my first ever quilt this year I thought I'd enter the Bloggers Quilt Festival 2010 over at Amy's Creative Side.

My 'entry' is 'Grandma's Lap Quilt' which I made for Mr Earplug's Grandma's 91st birthday back in January 2010.(I blogged about it here).

It was the first time I'd attempted quilting and I really should have bought a kit as I gave myself a bit of a headache trying to work out how much fabric to buy for the squares, the backing, and the binding. Not to mention working out how to cut it and how to use a rotary cutter, a cutting mat, etc. But I managed in the end!

I had a nice design worked out but unfortunately forgot to mark the orientation of my '9 patches' and so made a mess of it in the sewing together. You can only really tell though when it's held up at a distance away. Close-up it looks just fine. (Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo of the finished quilt so this photo is of it at the basting stage).

Grandma was really pleased to receive it and I really enjoyed making it for her. She keeps our boys supplied with the most beautiful hand knits and so it was so nice to be able to give her a hand-made gift.

Pop over and check out all the other fabulous quilts:

Click here to go to Blogger's Quilt Festival
There are so many to see. And if you've ever made a quilt yourself then why not enter the Festival. And there are prizes to be won!



  1. Well, I guess you certainly did manage. This is really pretty. I bet your grandma just loves wrapping up in it! Great job!

  2. My gosh, Tilly - it's beautiful! It looks like you're finally getting some time for yourself and doing some creating. How is the little Nipper??

  3. I've found that each quilt I make has its own learning curve. I smile when I think of one of the first quilts I made and gave to my now 93 year old mother-in-law. The corners didn't match all that well, but the color choice made up for it and she doesn't notice a think wrong with it!!

  4. It is lovely. The colors are so warm and cozy and I can definitely believe that Grandma was thrilled. Even if it is a bit wonky, there will never be another one like it. But that wonky-ness is what makes it unique!

    It is pure and simple love stitched together. I love it!

  5. It looks lovely! I've only made a doll quilt so far - it wasn't as scary as I thought, but I've still yet to try anything more ambitious...

  6. Beautiful quilt. I have been quilting for a long time and still have to wing it :) You did great.

  7. That is lovely, brings back memories, my Grannie was a quilter and use to show hers around the country. We still have ones that she made for us when we were little. Such a skill to have, and if this is your first attempt, well, I'm speechless x Thanks for the comment on my blog as well, needed it, you did cheer me up!

  8. Nice choice of colors. Regardless of what mistakes you made so long as grandma loves it thats all that matters :)

  9. This is a wonderful quilt - You must have beginer's luck!


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