Wednesday, 27 October 2010

The Fawcett Society takes the Coalition Government to Court over Spending Cuts

Photo courtesy of Francesco Marino:

Two 'political' posts from me in less than a month!!

This article, published by The Guardian on October 22nd, follows on quite nicely from my previous post on the budget cuts.

Apparently the government did not hold an 'Equality Impact Assessment' for the June 2010 budget, and the Fawcett Society have requested a judicial review with regard to it's failure to honour its legal duty under the Equality Act to give "due regard" to the impact on women.

I wonder if they will get anywhere with their request for a judicial review, and if they do, will anything change?



  1. thank you for bringing attention to it - and please post the progress and outcome!

  2. I also saw that article. I do love the Fawcett society - I have all these images of what it's like. I do hope they make an impact. Thank you for popping over to my blog. Yours is lovely, so many beautiful photographs.


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