Thursday, 21 October 2010

On a Cold and Frosty Morning

This morning we saw the first frost. Even though I was running late for an appointment I just had to dash outside and take a couple of snaps. Mr Earplugs gave me a fabulous new camera for my birthday (a Panasonic Lumix FZ-38) and so far I've not had much chance to use it.

Here's what I snapped:

I love how the frost sits on the nastertium flowers and makes them look like those crystallized jellied fruit slices that seem to be on sale around Christmas time.



  1. I just love your title: A Cold and Frosty Morning.

  2. These are lovely. That middle one looks like something from under the sea!

  3. Fabulous photos - Mr E is a star to buy you such a lovely present. Thanks for your comments on my blog and for the e-mail. What a small world. (I'm going to have a look at N&A's wedding photos now and spot which one is you!)


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