Friday, 8 August 2008

My First.... My Last.... My Everything.....

.... as Barry White once said. This was my first 'proper' knitted item:

Prior to this there had been random squares, knitted with Grandma, and a scarf. I guess I wasn't sure that I could manage a full blown grown up item and I hadn't yet discovered knitted toys and the like. And think of all the wasted wool if it didn't work out! Having kids gives you a reason to have a go at something small and, hopefully, achievable. So I was really pleased that I managed to knit this. The pattern was just a matter of decreasing and winding the wool around the needle to increase again so I was ok with it.

Now, this item was a different matter and means everything to me:

It was a true labour of love made for Miss Muffet when she was about 6 months old. It's become an 'heirloom' as I can't bear to part with it. I liked it because it looked like cable-work but wasn't. The back and front was worked as one piece so no seams to sew - I'm rubbish at that. But each row was a complicated repeat (for a beginner) and took real concentration and 12 minutes to complete! It may well be my last such item as I'm not sure I could cope with 12 minute rows again!

Still, we're getting our money's worth from the first item - still going strong in the toybox!


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  1. hi! thanks for the nice comment on my blog. i love your little knitted sweaters!!! we played this barry white song at our wedding, walking down the aisle after we said our vows so i have a particular fondness for it!


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