Sunday, 10 August 2008

My Parents Are Visiting This Week

My parents live over 200 miles away, neither of them drive, and they don't have a car. They live in a 'two up, two down' house and I don't know how we all fitted in there when we were growing up (I have 2 brothers)! There isn't enough room for us and the kids to stay over and so we have to book into a 'not-so-local' hotel, which are few and far between. Hence we get to see them a couple of times a year usually. Here they are some considerable number of years ago:

They are at the stage where they are starting to drive me a bit batty, or perhaps it's that I've reached that stage rather than them! It always makes for 'interesting' visits! Perhaps it's as well that we don't see them too often (I'm joking, honest!).



  1. that is so funny. I am going to see my parents in two weeks...they are in their seventies and drive me a bit batty too, especially my mom. But honestly, I love visiting with them. They live on vancouver island, such a beatiful part of the world. The way I look at it is once parents are in their seventies, you need to spend as much time with them as you can...sometimes I worry about them...but they are in excellent health and doing really well.

  2. Hi Tilly, thanks for stopping by my blog - I hope your computer issues are sorted out, so far mine is ok - but you just never know.

    I can match you on the renovation pictures, we're getting back into it after a long break and already the whole place is in chaos.

    Oh and my husband wears earplugs too! The less said about that the better.

  3. Well, they look like happy sorts! There's something to be said for that, Tilly. My mom is me but three thousand times more anxious and mindless. She loses her keys all the time and puts her purse on the top of the car several times a year. Drives off and loses it, too. Where as, I've only done that ONCE - with a box of really wonderful almond nugget candies:) It was very sad.

  4. Hey, parents are meant to drive us batty - it's their role in life!


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